Characters Unveiled For Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 will be available in just a few months time but there hasn’t been a ton of detail given about the side characters that Kat will meet on her new adventure. Today that changes as we’re introduced to some of the major players of Banga, Kat and Syd’s new place of residence following the events of the original game. Banga is a mining town, and here Kat has to earn her keep.

One of the main residents of the town that Kat will encounter is the leader Lisa, and her main focus is keeping Banga safe from attacks. Cecie is Lisa’s adopted daughter who runs away from home, with Kat tasked with finding her.  An antagonist appears to be the merchant Vogo who has plans for Banga, and is mixed up in the illegal arms trade. He is joined by Fi, Vogo’s bodyguard, who acts as the brawn behind Vogo’s brains. Then you have the head miner Misai who criticises Lisa’s leadership of Banga.



The above image is a new location called The Rift Plane, a land that has vast resources but is home to a number of Navi. There are challenges in The Rift Plane and completing them nets rewards for Kat.

Source: PS Blog

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