Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Press Conference Is On 13th September

Gamescom might have been shunned for a second year in a row, but as Sony’s home country’s trade show, there’s no way in hell that they would skip having a press conference at Tokyo Game Show. So what if they’re having a PlayStation Meeting with a few major hardware announcements less than a week before?

TGS really Sony’s opportunity to switch focus and play directly to their Japanese audience, making announcements that, while often interesting and appealing to a Western market, will really hit home for the Japanese. So, even if Neo and a PS4 Slim are being unveiled a week before, as expected, there’s still going to be plenty of things for Sony to talk about here.



Working with a jumbled up translation via Google Translate, the show will start at 4PM local time – that’s 8AM BST, 9AM CEST, 3AM EDT, and midnight for the West Coast – and run for 70 minutes until 5:10PM. It’ll be streamed live, if you’d like to see some Japanese centric games being announced while eating your breakfast.

Source: JP PS Blog 

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  1. Hopefully they will show a lot of games running on Neo so we can see how much better it is over the ‘normal’ PS4.

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