The Witness Is Coming To Xbox One On 13th September

After seven long years of development, The Witness captivated a lot of people when it released on PC and PS4 at the start of this year, with its gorgeous island to explore and solve devilishly tricky puzzles within – you can read all about it in our review. It’s long been seen as a PlayStation exclusive, but that is changing on 13th September when it releases for Xbox One.



Speaking to IGN, Jonathan Blow stated that there’s no platform exclusive advantages in either direction. “There are some technical differences, but it’s basically the same game,” he said, continuing that exclusive content would “mess up the game.”

An iOS version of the game is also in the works, retaining the same open world design, just toning the graphics down where necessary to suit mobile devices – “It’s such a lower-end platform and we have to redo a ton of stuff,” Blow says. The big change there will be in the controls, and Thekla are experimenting with tap-based movement as opposed to on-screen arrows and faux analogue stick controls.

Source: Xbox, IGN

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