Countdown Goes Live For Something Related To Duke Nukem

The last time we saw Duke was in the quite derided Duke Nukem Forever, which took almost forever to release after being revealed. A few years ago there was an announcement for Duke Nukem Mass Destruction, but that game didn’t appear since 3DRealms didn’t get permission from Gearbox to create a new game using the IP. It looks like Gearbox is making its own new game and isn’t quite ready to retire Duke Nukem as a countdown has begun teasing something related to the franchise.

Along with the countdown a new Twitter account with the handle DukeNukemgame has appeared, with the kind of tweets you would expect to see from Duke Nukem.


Yes it is mostly like that. Anyway I guess we’ll find out in just over a week what Gearbox has in store for Duke Nukem.


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  1. A brand new game without the development hell of DNF could be appealing. I’m one of the few who enjoyed DNF but a remaster wouldn’t excite me so let’s wait and see.

  2. It’s a countdown to the 20th anniversary of the first game. They’ll only have missed it by 8 months or so.

    Or maybe they’ll announce a new game, which, based on the previous games, will be released in 2026.

    Was it really 5 years since the last game? There’s a whole Evil Dead TV series now, so there’s plenty of new lines to steal. ;)

    • The first game was a 2D platformer back in ’91, so it’s 25 years mate (and I now feel very old). You should look it up, it was a DOS classic, as a six year old I wasted so many hours on it. And the Duke was sunburnt pink!

      • Hang on! 25 years ago you were 6? And you feel old??? 25 years ago I was almost 20. Think how old I feel now!

        So none of your cheek, young man. Of course I remember the 1991 game. And there was a sequel a couple of years later. But nobody counts that these days. It was the 3D one in 1996 that everyone remembers. And the sequel to that, but for all the wrong reasons.

      • Oops sorry didn’t mean to offend! I remember 3D coming out and thinking it was revolutionary, especially the pixelly strippers. Still loved the first though, it needs a remake, if only to build awareness!

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