The Division’s Expansions Delayed To Improve Core Game

Ubisoft has altered the release schedule for the future batch of content that is set to release for The Division, as the focus is now on Update 1.4 to improve the core experience. The Survival expansion was originally scheduled to release along with Update 1.4 but has now been pushed back to a yet unknown time, though it is on track to release in 2016. Following that The Last Stand expansion will now be released in early 2017.

Update 1.4 will address various bugs, improve loot drop relevance, balance the PvP and Dark Zone, balance gear sets and weapons, balance enemy AI, and alter the inventory so things like skins don’t consume space. Update 1.4 will release simultaneously across all platforms, and players are encouraged to make other issues known through the Ubisoft forums.

Source: The Division official site

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  1. There’s a lot of little changes that are needed to make the core gameplay better, I see this as a positive. I haven’t played Division for a few weeks because it got stale but with some of those improvements it should make it a more playable experience.

    • I still find it stale Tony. The latest DLC is just an epic grind-a-thon. NOTHING I craft, pick up, or are rewarded is ever better than the gear I have, and my skill score thingy isn’t even that good (204). Then using the bench to change things is just pot lock and expensive (so you have to grind more money)! It’s awful for the casual player now.

      Fed up with this game and how they keep changing everything – trying to find my best setup still remains a complete mystery to me.

      There are vendors everywhere yet they’ve been pointless since about level 25.

      The “infinite” possibilities in the Undergound DLC is just BS. There are a few level variants with a few mission variants, so it still becomes repetitive fast. And for a cover shooter it’s fucking annoying when you can’t hide behind a prominent bit of cover in the middle of a gun fight. Oh, and then since there are no check points with this DLC this frustration is doubled if the “cover not working” causes you to be killed.

      • Well hopefully they address the majority of those concerns of yours in the forthcoming patch. There’s a very good game in there somewhere, they just need to change a few things up to meet its potential.

      • I agree, there is/was a good game. I enjoyed it the entire time I was levelling up in the main game, as it wasn’t grindy.

        Will see what the patch offers!

    • Question, chaps. I haven’t played The Division, yet, and I want to know if it’s an enjoyable game outside of the whole “I crave better loot!” mechanic of it all.

      A few games have been so focussed on the loot that they’ve often forgotten to pop a real game in there. Diablo 3 being one of them – in my humble opinion.

      So… what’s it like?

      • You can definitely get your moneys worth, just by playing through the story missions.. I’m not a loot chaser by any means and got a good 50+hours out of it, just playing the story and side missions. Mostly solo’ed, with a few link ups with randoms for an occasional, particularly tricky mission.

        Once I had completed the story (which feels like a complete thing, not just an intro to the main event) it did get stale pretty quickly as loot is the only real reason to stay, but by that time I had maxed out my level (25, IIRC) and had over 50 hours play time, so I was pretty happy with that.

        BTW, I only I ever went into the Dark Zone once or twice and while it was okay, I didnt really think much of it and last I heard, on PC at least it’s been hacked to death anyway.. Although, maybe they fixed that by now.

      • Agree with Severn2j Mike – the campaign alone (if it can be called that, read: Main Missions) are certainly worth it. It’s a solid shooter and the loot system is rewarding as with other RPG type games as you try and adapt things to gain every small advantage from gear and weapons. The only time it becomes annoying is when you hit max-level which would typically after the end of the main game, as there seems to be a hell of a lot of work for little reward. Great for those who want to play daily and grind away, but less attractive for the more casual player.

        The environments are great and very detailed too – I know you appreciate these things. Similarly, you should definitely team up with people to improve the experience. But be warned that there is no real team balancing such as in Dead Island, so you need to play with people who are at a similar level to you – otherwise it’s far too tough for the lower level players and just becomes annoying and frustrating for them.

        Definitely worth picking up though.

      • Cheers, chaps. Very much appreciated. I was going to play it with my other half so Hannypoppie and I might pick this up when there’s a decent sale on (on the PC).

        You’re both gents. :)

  2. Why now though? Haven’t players been crying out for this since not long after release?

    I also read somewhere about player count has dropped 90%.

    Still, I agree with others above, I got 30+ hours of it just playing solo through the story missions, side missions, and encounters.

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