What We Played #268 – Titanfall 2, Reigns & Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This was the week. The week where I was finally sold on PSVR. I’m normally one of the first to jump on a new technological bandwagon, but so often you’re burnt by being an early adopter, whether it’s a RROD 360, or my most recent annoyance – a 4K TV that isn’t HDR compatible. The other side of the coin of course is how long these additions to your console are supported for, and how well. I’m sure we’ve all had an Eye Toy, PlayStation Move or Kinect that seemed like the next step in gaming and turned out to be… well…. not.

However, after watching the new Driveclub VR footage and reading about Batman: Arkham VR I am completely ready to jump straight into Sony’s latest peripheral. These are experiences that look essential, and the early line-up doesn’t stop there, with RIGS, Star Wars and Battlezone also on the list. Of course, support may dry up almost instantaneously, or it won’t work as well as you’d hope, but just one more time I’m going to give it a shot. Until the next time of course.

Without a PSVR to take up my time this week I’ve been mainly playing F1 2016, reviewing King Of Fighters XIV and working on a future review of the minimalist Hue. With a couple of long trips as well the 3DS has taken an outing and remains my handheld of choice, with Monster Hunter Generations and Pokemon Omega Ruby both being brilliant time-sinks. I just need to buy a hand grip to stop the horrendous cramp I get after playing it too long.

Our illustrious leader Tef dropped in to catch us up on his week’s shenanigans;

My gaming time has been curtailed some by a mixture of post-Gamescom writing and the ridiculous heat of the last few days. Doesn’t help that my console’s in the hottest room of the house in the evening!

Still, there was some Destiny over the weekend, trying and failing to do the challenge mode for Oryx. I’ve also been trying to get into Assetto Corsa, but struggling to do so, whether I’m not fast enough or the actually game wrapped around the driving not being up to much.

Oh, there was a bit of Titanfall 2 as well, and I’m looking forward to more!

Kris found the time to play some Reigns, and write about it too, which is lovely, while Jake is only two pocket monsters away from being a Pokémon GO master, and meanwhile is working on a review of Grow Up. Miguel on the other hand has been putting some time, and multiple deaths, into the second Nioh beta, as well as playing some “cute anime girl bulls**t” in Project Diva X.

Tuffcub likes Transformers. This may be a revelation to some of you, but it’s meant he’s played a lot of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron this week. He’s also played a little bit of Destiny, and made a start on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. At least he tried to, but the intro movie went on so long that he gave up. Perhaps he’ll try it again next week?

It’s been a pretty heavy week for Dave who’s working on a triumvirate of reviews for Dragon Quest VII, The Turing Test and Metroid Prime Federation Force all of which should be available to your eye sockets in the near future. He’s not really allowed to say anything about any of them yet, but hopefully you can live with the suspense over the bank holiday.

Finally, Jim has been juggling the usual double dose of Uncharted 4 and Overwatch. He’s also decided to channel his inner petrol head, having started playing Need For Speed and The Crew side-by-side. Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom rounds out his list with a healthy side helping of LittleBigPlanet 3.

But now that’s enough about us – what have you been playing? Tell us!

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  1. Been titting around with Assetto Corsa, not bad, not outstanding….a little disappointing to be honest as I was expecting better. Bigger hitters of the genre have already released on PS4!

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