Oasis Unveils Five Games For PlayStation VR Including Ace Banana And Weeping Doll

The Chinese developer Oasis is placing its foot firmly in the VR space by announcing five games for the PSVR, with the games scheduled to release between October and January 2017. Each of the games explores a different genre from sport to horror to shooter, with these titles being Ace Banana, Mixip, Weeping Doll, Pixel Gear, and Dying: Reborn.

Ace Banana is an archery game where you must defend a banana stash from monkeys, using the Move controllers to simulate a bow and arrow. If the monkeys get the bananas then it is game over. Ace Banana will support single and multiplayer modes.

On the other side of the spectrum is the horror game Weeping Doll, which you may have guessed is about dolls. In this game a doll of an abused child has lashed out against the parents, and since it is powered by angry thoughts it doesn’t look like the doll will stop there. Players will have to solve puzzles to escape from the doll.

If you much prefer shooters then you may be interested in Pixel Gear, which is a 3D pixel game where you shoot ghosts and monsters. There will be upgradeable weapons too with power ups that can slow and stop time. A second horror themed puzzle game is part of the line up with Dying: Reborn. This game is a series of escape rooms where you need to work out how to get out.

Finally there is the arcade space shooter called Mixip where players control two space ships at the same time, with each one linked to a Move controller. You can combine the ships to make a more powerful unit and take advantage of different power ups to face off against the hordes of incoming enemy ships.

Source: PS Blog

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