The Brookhaven Experiment Confirmed For PSVR, May Require New Pants

Phosphor Games have announced that virtual reality shooter The Brookhaven Experiment will be crawling on to PlayStation VR at some point. The game’s features include “Situational Horror” and “Occassional Pants Wetting”, and has been out for Vive for a while and has had some great reviews, “Best game so far for hosting VR party nights, never realized I’d enjoy watching guests panic quite so much!” is one comment on Steam.

“Combining the helplessness of not being able to run from the enemies, the worry of limited ammo, the terror of the darkness and the awesome feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when a photorealistic and drooling mutant is looming over you, turned out to be the crux of the game,” explained Project Lead Jarod Pranno, as he jumped out from behind a pot plant and scared a small child.

When the game has been demoed people have been trying to run away with headsets still on, or have been cowering on the floor in tears which means Teflon will almost certainly be giving me the review.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. So not only do we need to buy a stupid hat, at great cost, we need to buy new pants as well? Plus the games? And quite possibly a new TV, furniture and miscellaneous precious things that will inevitably get broken playing these games. And maybe flowers/chocolates/other apology gifts for loved ones you accidentally punch in the face in your excitement.

    This VR fad needs to die soon before it gets too expensive.

  2. Well, the floating gun and flashlight look odd, but I see quite some potential in good/scary VR horror games.
    I’d love to play Outlast or, of course, Alien:Isolation, on VR.

    I just booked my first try of PSVR early September, am looking forward to that.

  3. Surely this comes with new slacks as a preorder incentive?

    DLC will clearly be too late.

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