RIGS Features A Single Player Career Mode

Up until this point, what we knew about RIGS was limited to the multiplayer side of things, played in short 10-15 minute PlayStation VRsessions at trade shows and the like. Sony and Guerrilla Cambridge have taken the wraps off what the single player will entail, in what is really the big first party exclusive for the PSVR.


As a futuristic sports game, the career sees you playing through multiple seasons in the Mechanised Combat League, working your way up to winning championship after championship. You’re the real driving force behind your team, managing and hiring AI players to go into the fray alongside you. As you earn more fame, you’ll be able to attract better AI pilots to your team, get better sponsorship deals and earn cosmetic items.

There’s a degree of persistent progress between the single player and multiplayer, where you earn money that can go toward buying new Rigs to play in. The 24 Rigs in the game aren’t, as the video explains, all that customisable, but purpose built for a particular role in a match.

Beyond that, a new 1v1 multiplayer mode was announced, in addition to the 3v3 mode that has been shown thus far. It’s essentially the same, but you’re joined by two AI pilots, as opposed to having other human players by your side.

RIGS, just like the PlayStation VR you’ll need to play it, is out on October 13th.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. As much as I love Guerrilla, they could do with using someone a little more.. vibrant.. when explaining the game.

    A couple of monotone sounding blokes in t-shirts are not making me excited for RIGS.

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