September’s PS Plus Update Includes Journey & Lords Of The Fallen

Easily one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year when it first launched on PlayStation 3 in 2012, thatgamecompany’s masterpiece is one of the two PlayStation 4 games coming to the Instant Game Collection in September. Many of you will have already played it, but there’s millions of people who will have missed it on PS3, and it’s a perfect opportunity for them to enjoy a hugely influential game.

Alongside it, there’s the Souls-alike action RPG of Lords of the Fallen, with your lead protagonist Harkyn looking to put an end to a war that rages between humans and the gods. The PlayStation 3 then gets to enjoy Prince of Persia: THe Forgotten Sands and Datura, while it’s Badland and Amnesia: Memories for the PS Vita.

A nice and easy list, here are the games which will be added to the service next week:

And don’t forget to grab August’s games before the disappear:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Typical, two months in a row now of paying for a game that goes free on PS+ a month later >.<

    • Sod’s law, eh? :-\

      Also, more reason for Sony to split the PS+ offering into two tiers. One with online and one with online AND free games. Thing is, it’ll end up losing them money, overall.

  2. Journey is an absolute masterpiece. I cannot actually explain exactly what it is other than a game everyone should experience. I own it on for PS3 & 4 and I still might download it. It’s that good.

    I’ll give the other title a whirl too. Cheers Sony :-)

  3. already got Journey, bought it on PS3, so i should already have it for PS4, never got round to downloading it though.

    i’ve been wanting to play Lords for a while, but seeing as it’s one of those Souls type games that are bloody hard, and i have almost zero patience for these instant death try again a million times, type games, so it’s not something i’d want to pay for.
    so getting it through my plus sub is nice.

    i don’t think i’ve play that POP game, but that series has gotten a bit confusing, there was the trilogy, then there was that alternate version, then they went back to the other storyline.
    i played part of that alternate storyline one, but i can’t remember which one that was.

    anyway, i’ll give this one a try.

    i don’t know about these other games though, so i’ll give em a try.

    there have certainly been much worse months in recent memory.

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