Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Detailed, Beta Starts On 14th October

Call of Duty XP kicked off with a pumping soundtrack and fast paced trailer for the new Infinite Warfare multiplayer. We’re starting to learn a lot more about what it entails, and will update this post as more details are revealed. First things first, though, you’ll get to try this out on October 16th when the open beta starts, coming first to PlayStation 4.

Clarification & update: Those who pre-order the game will get access to the beta first – we previously suggested it would be exclusive to pre-orders. More details will follow about how long that lasts before others can join, but the beta will last at least 3 days and the Xbox One beta will start at a later date. There will not be a beta on PC.

This game builds upon Black Ops 3’s momentum based movement, replete with wall running and double jumping, something will plays into the map design. You can also see that they’re building on Black Ops 3 characters system in the form of Combat Rigs. There’s six base rigs called Warfighter, Stryker, Phantom, Merc, FTL and Synaptic.

Each has three Payload abilities to choose from and complimentary Traits, where you pick one of each, adding up to more than 50 combinations. Warfighter, for example, can combine a crazy three barrelled payload ability, replete with ricochet bullets, and a trait that lets your score streak continue between deaths, letting the character fight on the front lines. There’s plenty of others, like Merc’s lethal shield charge and Synaptic’s robot body charging down enemies in a more dog-like form.

Weapon crafting is new to Call of Duty, so that you take base weapons and then use salvage earned from playing to turn them into prototype weapons, first to rare, then legendary and finally an epic form. Each level of prototype weapon adds more perks to the weapon. This applies to both primary and secondary weapons.

That all hooks into the popular Pick 10 system, with new and crazy technology to pick from like a throwable black hole projector and score streaks like the RC-8, an autonomous or remote controlled bipedal drone that can just march through the map killing all your enemies.

All of this is summed up in the new Multiplayer overview video.

Oh, and as a nice tidbit for those much more eager to see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, it was revealed that all 16 of the mutliplayer maps from Modern Warfare will be making their way to the remaster. The original announcement of the remaster only mentioned ten, and this is all there will be at launch, but the remaining six will be added for free in December.

Footage from the Remastered MP starts at the 32:20 minute mark in the COD XP briefing (we’re waiting for the trailer to be uploaded separately).

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