News Snatch: Mafia III, The Bunker, Shenmue III, And Blackwood Crossing

Hello again, it is time for what is fast becoming a Friday tradition, News Snatch! We’re very heavy on the videos this week but I must warn you there will be very little innuendo as The Great British Bake Off is using almost the entire supply every Wednesday.

We start with trailer for Mafia III. 2K seem intent on making every video on YouTube ever a Mafia III trailer as they have released hundreds of the blimmin things’

Here is another one.

And another.

See what I mean?

And ano.. wait, this one is about Batman Arkham VR, thank the lord.

This is Blackwood Crossing, a new game coming to PlayStation 4 next year. It is a single-player, first person narrative game that follows the story of Scarlett and Finn, two siblings who are growing apart.

As you can see from the video the story starts of quite normally but soon gets very freaky, I’m thinking this may be next years Firewatch,

Hey, who want’s another remaster? Literally NO ONE! Yay! But here’s one anyway, and just to make it’s even more special it is for that most rare of type of game… A LEGO GAME! LEGO Harry Potter Collection rated for PS4 by Brazilian ratings board.

More videos, this time with the lovely Katee Sackhoff doing her thing for EVE: Valkyrie

The very last bits of Gamescom have dribbled out, this being Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 trailer.

Shenmue III is production and you can catch up on the progress in this handy dev diary.

This is The Bunker, a live action video game coming to PS4 next month. I’m rather looking forward to this, it has a 28 Days Later vibe to it.

And Finally, Loot Rascals has been announced for PS4 and is…uh… yeah.

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  1. Oddly enough I stumbled across that trailer for the Bunker yesterday on the PS store and it had me intrigued, if done right it could really be very good. Reminds me of the games that came out at the very start of when FMV was possible.

  2. Mary Berry ruining Tuffcub’s snatch?

    there’s a line i never though i’d read, let alone write. o_O

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