The Friday 13th PAX West Trailer Brings Back The Video Nasty

A quick history lesson for the younglings: A video nasty was the term used to cover a broad range of horror movies that were released the 80’s. The media (in other words, the tabloids) went nuts over Friday 13th, The Chainsaw Massacre, and other films, and some were banned due to their graphic content.

Which brings us on to the trailer from PAX West for Friday the 13th: The Game in the year of 2016 where video nasties don’t really exist anymore. The trailer is, well, eye opening would be one word, eye gouging would be more accurate.


Simply put, this is not pleasant, that rather poor graphics help save it from being too horrific but the sound is very disturbing.

The video contains murder, gore, screaming, eye gouging, spears to eyes, skull crushing, and a pick axe to the neck. You have been warned. 

Source: YouTube

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. The dated graphics help to give it that 80’s/retro feel. Best not to polish it too much as it might look too Hollywood clean.

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