Chaotic Open World Action Game Tokyo 42 Is Coming To PS4 & Xbox One

I simply adore the visual style of Tokyo 42. The tilt shift effect on the long distance camera view gives it a rather distinctive look, and the potential for wreaking explosive carnage is vast. It looks great and, from what I played back at Rezzed on PC, it plays great. Now Mode 7 and SMAC Games have announced that it’s also on the way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, some time next year.

Update: We overlooked that it was coming to Xbox One as well as PS4 and PC. Thanks Kenny.


This is an open world game set in a condensed futuristic interpretation of Tokyo, after some kind of apocalyptic world event. Drawn into a world of assassins, you take on jobs and hits, going up against rival gangs, the police and corporate drone.

One new feature talked about in this announcement is a new ability to change your skin and blend in with the crowd. You’ll be able to infiltrate various groups in the single player, but when it comes to multiplayer… well, lets just say you’ll have to be very wary that someone isn’t sneaking up on you in disguise.

For more on the game, check out our preview from earlier in the year.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. It’s also coming to Xbox and PC.

    I’m loving the art-direction, but the camera seems so very distant. Hopefully it’s not as hard to track your character as I fear.

    • Oops. Missed the Xbox One version, thanks.

  2. Looks like it would make my head hurt, way too much going on in the screen at any time!

  3. Great news (I always thought it was? That must be the power of wishful thinking!), I’ll definitely be getting this.

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