Team Envyus Win The Inaugural Call Of Duty World League Championship

If you tuned in over the weekend, there’s been some outstanding fast paced and skillful Call of Duty being played at Call of Duty Championships 2016, the year ending knockout tournament with a prize pot of $2 million. In the end, Team Envyus from the US closed out their series against British team Splyce Games 3-1, but that scoreline doesn’t tell how close it felt while watching.

For how we got to that point, you can read our quick guide that explains the competition and tells how we got up to the final day, which started with Team Envyus and Team Elevate playing in the winners bracket and Splyce facing off against FAB Games in the losers bracket. FAB and Elevate lost their matches, with Elevate dropping down to play Splyce for the second spot in the final, but being dismissed 3-0.


Played to the best of five games, the first game of Hardpoint was quite astonishing, as Envyus took a 100 point lead, only to have Splyce come back to level the score and then push on to win the round. It looked like a similar comeback could be on for the round of Search & Destroy, as Envyus pushed to a 2-0 lead, only for Splyce to close up to 2-2, but it wasn’t to be and the next four rounds all went Envyus’ way to tie the series 1-1.

Again, Splyce found themselves climbing uphill in the third round game of Uplink. Envy hogged the satellite and its spawn area in the first half of the match, racing to a 8-0 lead at one point before Splyce were able to start to score points, start to actually get some kills on the board. They came so close to levelling the score with one last push in the dying moments, but it wasn’t to be as their attacker was killed going for two points and Envy turned the tables, scoring to seal the deal with seconds to spare. They took that momentum and completely dominated the final game of Capture the Flag, winning 4-2 and winning the entire series.

So congratulations to Envyus and commiserations to Splyce, who made a real go of the final, but just could manage to recover time and time again. If you want to see what happened for yourselves (and there is a lot of ridiculous twitch shooting going on here), the video is embedded below.

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  1. I have about as much interest in this as I have watching any other overpaid sport. Give me the Lympics anyday.

  2. That fact they named the team “envyus” tells you all you need to know about the type of people who enter these things.

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