Titanfall 2 Won’t Be On EA Access

The original Titanfall skipped EA Access when it launched with the terms for the subscription service clearly stating that the game would not be included. It is no surprise that the same shenanigans will occur with the sequel as the EA Access TOS have now been changed and include the line “CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. EXCLUDES TITANFALL 2”

That means no early access on EA Access, or indeed Origin Access as the game is also coming to PC. Perhaps Respawn have some sort of deal with EA to keep the game off the service for a year as Titanfall did finally arrive on the service exactly one year after it was released.

Source: EA Access / Game Reactor

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  1. After hearing some pretty bad things from the Beta, I would have thought that being able to “try before you buy” would help sales. Or maybe, they’re worried that being able to try it makes people less likely to buy it afterwards…

    • Especially as it’s usually a 10 hour trial. Like the Battlefront trial, people will likely be bored before their 10 hours is up.

    • I think they could have easily changed the trial time to anywhere between two and six hours, if they were worried about people getting the wrong impression. Doesn’t say much for a developer’s faith in their creation though if they won’t give out a trial for fear it will hit sales.

  2. That’s not good. I was relying on an EA access trial to see if the game was any better in full and finished state over the pre-alpha, and well now, I’ll end up waiting until it’s cheap probably.

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