22 Cans Quietly Release Their Next Game, The Trail – A Frontier Journey

It’s the day of the big reveal, the iPhone 7s will make an apperance, the PlayStation Neo will soon be visisble, and 22 Cans have revealed their follow up to Godus.

Very, very quietly. 


So quietly that most people haven’t even noticed. The game is published in partnership with Kongregate and is free, but there are in-app purchases, “70 favors” will cost $4.99, whatever they are.


iTunes has three reviews so far, two are four star reviews and one is a five star, but ‘IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers‘ have posted over thirty minutes of footage on YouTube and say the following:

The micro transactions are definitely a problem. This game is supposed to be an epic trip from point a to b and to be honest that really works in the first hour of the game. But then the grinding starts, because balanced the game in a certain way and the total feeling of going on a trip totally fades away because you’re walking the same little piece of road over and over again.

As for Godus, well that “ongoing project” hasn’t been updated for hundreds of days.

Source: YouTube 1/2/ iTunes

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  1. I don’t blame them to be honest due to Peter Molyneux lying his arse off about it, overhyping it and then stabbing people in the back about it. Any announcement made would have been overshadowed by the failure of Godus. It’s not been updated for hundreds of days, usually a sign that it is either finished development(why did i have to say that? Aare we seriously at the point where games are now finished post release?) or abandoned.

    Doesn’t sound appealin on that one quote from the IGV thingy. If i want an epic trip from point A to point B, I’ll play The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion or V:Skyrim. And that is a very optional feature that is microtransaction free, random and enjoyable.

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