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[UPDATED] New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Shows More Hacking On A Colossus

It’s been a while since we last saw Horizon Zero Dawn at a show, but in order to help display the power of the announced PS4 Pro and how it handles 4K & HDR, Sony showed off brand new gameplay footage.

Shortly after getting rope burn on her hands, we see Aloy chasing after what can only be described as an electrical giraffe meets the hull of the starship Enterprise. Taking out a smaller robot dinosaur with a swift stab, she then proceeds to scale it in a manner that would make Team ICO blush.

Once at the top, we see her hack the robotic monstrosity before quickly jumping off of it. It looked fantastic beforehand, but with the enhanced hardware it could look even better on 4K and HDR enabled TVs when it launches February 28th in the US, March 1st in Europe, with the UK release following on March 3rd.

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  1. Looked a bit simplified and dumbed down to be honest. The climbing was super linear, the combat was just “press button to win”, and there didn’t appear to be any challenge at all.
    Hopefully it was just a bad demo and not an indication of the final game.

    I was hoping it would be more like the new zelda, where it just drops a pile of mechanics in your lap and you can play around.

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