New Information About Horizon Zero Dawn Has Arrived

The latest edition of Game Informer is out and they have what we would quaintly refer to as “the scoop” on Guerrilla Games latest project, Horizon: Zero Dawn. A lovely person called Obliterator has harvested the essential details from the feature and posted them on NeoGAF, so thanks to him/her/it.

Interestingly, the game does not run on the same engine as Killzone Shadow Fall, and has been in production since 2010, which means it predates the PS4 by a good few years. There is also a theme of string strong women running through the game, Aloy being the obvious one, but the Nora tribe who raised her is ruled by women and has powerful Matriarchs

Here is an edited version what Mr. Obliterator has to say:

  • Guerrilla wanted to make a game that’s “Beautiful in a majestic way” instead of the grit of Killzone. They wanted to create a world you wanted to be in, instead of escape from.
  • There are desert, arctic, and temperate environments. 
  • Alongside land based enemies there will be creatures in the water and the sky. A screenshot in the magazine shows a crab-like enemy.
  • Guerrilla promises the reason the world got this way will be answered, and the game is pure sci fi and not fantasy. 
  • The various tribes are radically different including how they feel about the machines. Some of them believe the machines becoming more violent is punishment from the gods.
  • You aren’t recruiting different tribes to your cause but they will sell you different gear and have their own side quests and story lines.
  • Aloy is most concerned with finding her origin, and most importantly who her mother was.
  • Aloy was raised by another outcast named Rost, who didn’t do it of his own will. The Tribe forced him. He is stern and overprotective but only wants the best for Aloy.
  • here are playable flashbacks of Aloy’s childhood.
  • There are Hunter Trials which are essentially Big Game Hunts / Hunter’s Guil.
  • There are “Corruption Zones” which are areas of the map filled with dangerous enemies. Some of the biggest fights in the game can be found in these zones.
  • There are plenty of side-quests.
  • “Animals travel in packs, and often come to each other’s aid, meaning victory rarely comes easy”
  • Aloy has 3 different skill trees that you can put level up points into. They are Prowler (Stealth), Brave (Damage focus), and Forager (Resource Gathering)

Horizon: Zero Dawn is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and is out on February 28th in the US, March 1st in Europe, with the UK release following on March 3rd.

Source: NeoGAF 1/2 / Game Informer

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  1. With the “theme of string women” is this a tie in to Unravel?

    On a more serious note, this sounds superb. Very interested in this game.

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  2. And also the good news is Killzone is not dead :D

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