Sony Announce A New Slimmer PlayStation 4, Out September 15th For £259 [Updated]

It leaked quite comprehensively a few weeks ago, and now Sony have officially confirmed a new, slimmer PlayStation 4 at their PlayStation Meeting in New York. It’s out on September 15th in most markets and will cost $299 and £259.

It shrinks the PS4 down quite significantly to a squarer form, cutting it down in size and made more efficient, and true to the leaks it’s lacking an optical output on the back of the console. This is the new standard PlayStation 4 model.


The console will have HDR output, thanks to a new firmware that is also being rolled out to older consoles. It will also come with the new DualShock 4 controller which is also a like for like replacement for the current DS4 model. This is, as was leaked prior to the press conference, a slight revision with a lightbar built into the touchpad.

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  1. Great price, it’ll sell like, er, a ps4

    Now who was it that said Sony wouldn’t be daft enough to announce a new console, then announce another superior console minutes later?

    • Now who would say an utterly ridiculous thing that, eh?


    • I think I might have said something very sarcastic almost along those lines.

      Never said they would be daft enough to do such a thing, just that it would be a really stupid idea. Which it was when MS did it, and still is now.

      It might be even more stupid to announce it when there’s only a couple of months between the two release dates. But then again, make it clear there’s a £90 difference and it’s aimed at people with a 4K TV and the games are compatible both ways…

      Is that better or worse than “here’s a new one, and then there’s something vague coming next year, maybe, and the new games might work on the old one, or might not, and it could be a whole new console, or an updated version, we’re not making that clear”?

      I don’t like the idea of Sony or MS doing it, but at least Sony are being clear about what it is. Of course, MS don’t need to yet, if they’re not releasing it until next year.

      • I think MS decided it was better to admit it’s existence since it was leaked anyway, and at least potential xboxone buyers knew what the release time was so they could safely buy knowing a new console wasn’t going to release a few weeks later.

        Tbf what sales Sony lose from now to November they’ll make up once the Pro releases.

  2. I have one single drum, and I will keep beating it until I get an answer:
    Does it sound like a hoover after 5 minutes of gaming like the original hardware?

    • Probably – heat doesn’t magically disappear from these ever shrinking chips. It needs internal volume for decent sized heatsinks and large slow turning fans shifting a good volume of air to be quiet, not what is basically a crappy laptop fan like the PS4 has got.

      • That’s no laptop fan in the PS4. That’s something designed for a hovercraft, it’s that bloody noisy at times.

        Sometimes. The rest of the time it’s as quiet as a very hot mouse that could melt through any puny obstacles placed within 6 feet of it, like a solid brick wall. Presumably with some sort of firey mouse breath. I didn’t really think that analogy through properly, as you can probably tell.

      • That’s why it’s so loud, because it’s small and having to turn much faster to shift the same volume of air that a larger, slower fan could!

        Looks like the slim has pretty much the same fan too. Although the CPU/GPU are a smaller manufacturing process and should run slightly cooler I wouldn’t expect a massive drop in noise from the slim.

      • I’ve found that there’s a massive difference between having my PS4 flat and vertical in the same spot, the latter is definitely quieter. I can imagine this Slim will be quieter, my PS3 slim hummed almost silently next to my 60GBer and I put that down to newer, more efficient processors doing the same job as the launch ones but finding it easier and staying cooler. I guess you’ve got to wait for that inevitable YouTube comparison before you get your answer though. Keep banging for now, I want to know too :)

    • Clean the fan. Mines a launch day and it was sounding like a jet engine when playing gameas recently, cleaned it and got rid of all the dust and it’s reasonably quiet now when gaming.

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