Microsoft Claim Xbox Live Is The Fastest, Most Reliable Network, Like, Ever

In a move which basically says “Come at me bro! DDOS Xbox Live!”, Microsoft have published a research paper which claims that their network is faster and more reliable than Sony’s. The research study by IHS Markit evaluated network speed, reliability, and the overall network gaming experience.

These are results of the each test:



  • Login to Network – Xbox Live
  • Login to Game Server – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking – PSN
  • Uninterrupted Play – Xbox Live


  • Login to Network – Xbox Live
  • Login to Game Server – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking – PSN
  • Time to Upload – Xbox Live

Overall Quality

  • Login to Game Server (Speed/Reliability) – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking (Speed/Reliability) – PSN
  • Join Party – Xbox Live
  • Voice Chat Quality – Xbox Live

Unsurprisingly, Xbox Live comes top almost every time. However this is not the most scientific of tests as it uses JND, or Just Noticeable Difference, to measure the times.

JND compares the waiting periods between two groups to determine if there is a perceivable difference in waiting times to the gamer

So there you go, this isn’t not a technical test, no-one is measuring pings or things like that, this is purely down to someone going “Ooh, that seems to be taking a while on PSN.”

Source: Xbox.Com / PSL

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  1. Hmm. Surely it should be about the matchmaking & uninterrupted play? Personally I couldn’t give a toss about login times as once you’re in, you are in.

  2. utter garbage my connection on myxbone pisses all over my ps4.
    nuff said

    • So.. you agree? So not garbage? Whut?

      • Allow me to explain Tuff.

        “Oompa loompa doompety doo
        I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you”
        “Oompa loompa doompety dee
        If you are wise you’ll listen to me”

        X box live is better i think that’s right?
        oh i dunno now I’m confused

  3. Fair enough. I’ve only ever used the Xbox Live services for sporadic moments but I had far less trouble with them than Sony’s offering. However, Sony’s network is far better than it used to be on the PS3. Christ on a pogostick, that was bad. Still, I feel like Sony is still avoiding investing decent levels of money for the network but then they have bigger concerns like making a profit – which thankfully they are… now. :-)

  4. In other news, night follows day follows night ad infinitum.

  5. Surely it depends on the ISP used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which neither MS or Sony control.

    • Exactly, plus any firewalls you may have on your home router. There are so many factors involved that this survey means nothing, which is pretty much what Tuffcubb said in the article.

    • You 2 guys have very similar arms

      • They bought them at the same arm shop.

  6. Well yeah. It always has been superior. I’ve used both over the years and xbox has always downloaded things quicker and has less interruptions, random disconnects & maintenance.

  7. Not exactly a high bar to beat though is it? I don’t think I’m being controversial by saying that PSN is a pretty terrible network, so its not exactly a big deal to be better..

    • Also, at the risk of being overly picky, its not a network. Its a platform, and while yes, it does beat Sony’s platform in many ways, Steam beats them both by a mile..

  8. Xbox Live doesn’t work at all, whenever I try to access it, it doesn’t load, but my PlayStation is fine, so it can’t be that… ;o)

  9. I certainly downloaded Kerbal Space Program pretty fast on my XB1 from EU servers. And Fallout mods for that matter. My EA Access is pretty damn fast too.

    But seriously, LIVE is better at pretty much everything. What is annoying is that PS4 can download multiple things at the same time and XB1 only one

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