What We Played #270 Madden 17, Dragon Quest VII & Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

It’s been an interesting week. For a particular set of people Wednesday night offered one of the toughest choices of their lifetime – PlayStation Meeting or The Great British Bake-Off. Depending on other household members it may well have been a tough battle, but now with the benefit of hindsight only one of them offered any excitement or drama, and that was the one with Candice’s broken brioche.

The announcement of the slimmer PS4 and more powerful PS4 Pro left me underwhelmed for a number of reasons, but I think we can all agree that this was a show light on thrills. For one thing we already knew about the Slim – we’ve all seen it – and yet no mention was made of one of the leakiest launches in living memory. Sony simply papered over the whole thing, and I have absolutely no idea why, it’s the equivalent of saying you’ve not been found in a game of hide and seek.

They then of course had to try and get across the crucial differences of HDR and 4K to a global audience streaming the show on the internet, and while anyone that walks into Currys could tell you the difference, it’s going to be a much harder thing to sell remotely. Everyone agrees that this is where displays are heading, but have Sony jumped the gun with this version of the PS4? Only time will tell.

Stefan was there at the event and came away much more impressed by what he saw than what the streams could translate, albeit with a few caveats. Much of what was on show at the event was hands off, so that Sony could demonstrate and emphasise the differences, but he did play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer, and thought it looked great.

As a hectic week I’ve actually been a little lax on the actual playing games bit – changing jobs will do that – with only a touch of Madden 17 and God Eater 2: Rage Burst under my belt. I’m going to be tucking into Paper Mario: Colour Splash this weekend though which I’m hugely looking forward to, as well as having a few more goes on Forza Horizon 2 before 3 shows up.

Jake has had a difficult week so he’s only played some Grow Up and a spot of Destiny, while Aran has been mainly working on his review of Mount & Blade: Warband with a bit of Steamworld Dig thrown in alongside it.

There is a bit of a theme to Tuffcub‘s gaming this week, see if you can work it out;

Siren Curse thing on PS3 – It was free on PS+ the other month. It’s pants and has no trophies. Also on PS3, I played Far Cry Blood Dragon. Oh, and indeed, dear. Did we really used to think this was acceptable? It looks rubbish and plays even worse.

I’ve not played anymore Deus Ex cos it’s rubbish, but I have played Doom. I did have the beta a while back and that was rubbish, but the single player game looks much better and is enjoyably gory. Oh and Robinson: The Journey on PSVR, more on that next week.

That’s right! Everything he’s played has the letter ‘D’ in it! Oh, apart from Siren Curse and Robinson: The Journey…

Jim has headed off to Bestival the lucky so-and-so, but that hasn’t stopped him getting in some more Overwatch and Uncharted 4 first, with their combined multiplayer really making for a winning combination. Being out and about has also meant he’s found plenty of time for both Syberia and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit Of Justice, with no objections!

Dave also dropped in to let us know what he played;

This week I have been playing a ton of Dragon Quest VII for the review next week. I also played a bunch of the Nuka Cola DLC for Fallout 4 while I got the wife to play Vault Dweller and Contraptions. We both have opinions and I’ll be writing them up for next week.

Apart from that, I failed to trick the devil in Reigns and now have to go right back to the beginning, which is annoying as hell, and I had a Dragonair run away from me in Pokemon Go.

So now that’s enough about us, what about you lovely readers? What have you been playing?

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  1. I’ve only played Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens on Ps Vita and Riptide GP2 but I got the platinum out of both of them.

    • How’s Force Awakens on Vita? Is it open world? I’m loving it on PS4 but I’d definitely buy it again to rinse for collectible a on Vita, if it’s good.

      • It’s OK mate. It’s open world bit nowhere near as open world as Ps4 version. Is treat it as a different game to Ps4 version really. Collectables are really easy to find compared to Ps4 version too not that their to hard to find on Ps4 either. It’s not as long to plat also. It’d you want to trophy whore it like is recommend it.

  2. Hello…. is it me your looking for.
    Been playing Deus Ex on my 3rd playthrough and nabbed 2 trophies early this morning. Completed it on the hardest difficulty and no alarms triggered. Had to back up saves multiple times because if you die it doesn’t restart checkpoint or auto save….. it restarts the game!!! So have downloaded saves alot due to being caught/alarm triggered. But really chuffed its done. Just 2 trophies left which is in Breach Mode (Online) really hate that mode. So boring and very repetitive! But will power it through.
    After nabbing Deus Plat soon (Sunday/Monday) might start on Lords of the Fallen from the PS Plus! ^^

  3. Netflix. For about the 3rd month running.

  4. Same as last week, BF4 and BF1. Picked up TLoU: Left Behind in the sale too but not yet started it.

  5. The usual Dead Island co-op with Forrest and Pixel and some solo to get the last few trophies and the platinum.
    Some GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    A little bit of Binding of Isaac, Downwell and Roundabout.

  6. I feel I must say this. This has nothing to do with the upcoming remaster edition of Skyrim and I will be rather miffed if it is reported as such in the weekend community article. I have been playing Oblivion. Tis even better then i recall it being. Do wish all of the add-ons were released instead of just the expansion.

    And no, I am not getting the special edition on PS4 when i get it. I’ll get it on PC when I can. Mods. So many mods. Moddy woddy moddy woddy!

  7. Sunday picked up a cheap Platinum for Coffin Dodgers,followed by picking up the Platinum for Dead island after mopping up from my co-op shenanigans with R1MJAW and Forrest,a little Absolute Drift and F1 and The Division with Forrest Toutski and Zerka,couple of matches on Overwatch and Prominence Poker and today picked up and started Attack on Titan and pre-ordered PS4 Pro,now im off for some GTA shenanigans with R1MJAW and heedbaw.

  8. Loving the BF1 beta – reminds me of Call of Duty World at War! I love the old weapons.

    Also played some Prominence Poker and bought Skyforce Anniversary to play on my Vita – anyone else got it and having problems with the leaderboards not updating.

  9. My week was mostly about animals, starting with big white sharks.
    First, I tried the PSVR for the very first time at a Sony tour nearby. They had no proper games on show (Sony is unbelievable, sometimes), but the underwater video was amazing. When going down at the start I even had the same feeling I always had when doing my first dive after a while, my brain had to force my lungs to breath in spite of being under water, to suck the air out of the tanks. It felt that realistic, the immersion is simply spectacular, and the brain plays tricks on you, as it mixes things up with reality. And then I was eaten by a big white shark.

    Then, I finished Abzu, what a lovely game. The great white shark in it is nice, but the whales and orcas were even more to my liking.

    And finally, I played some more of The wolf among us, as I felt like trying one of the Telltale games. Well, I don’t like it too much, when the nice lasses die early on, also hated Psycho for that, when I first saw it. Still, the game is good fun, am looking forward to find out more about the murder case.

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