Farming Simulator 17 Will Have Mod Support For PS4 And Xbox One

The idea of mods on PS4 was pushed to the forefront last week when it was confirmed that neither Skyrim or Fallout 4 would get such support on Sony’s console, this occurring months after Sony and Bethesda tried to make it work. That doesn’t mean that other games won’t be able to support them though, and one such title will be Farming Simulator 17.


These mods will likely be for additional vehicles and equipment, but until the game is out we won’t know exactly what kind of mods will be allowed on the consoles.

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  1. To be fair, there isn’t really much to mod in a simulator. Train Simulator has thousands of mods but they are mostly trains. Farming will be farming stuff. Bethesda’s games tend to very varied in mods and thousands are available on PC. It would be a nightmare trying to test all of them thus no mods for PS4. Neither Sony or Bethesda have the resources to do so.

    • Nope! Farming Sim has loads of different mods on PC. You’ve got the usual vehicle mods, like new tractors, harvesters and trailers, but then there’s loads of other ones that really add to the game.

      The most popular ones add in functionality that lets you automate certain tasks through AI workers, or another good one adds a ‘soil system’ that requires you to carefully manage the soil pH levels, nitrate levels etc to get the best crop yield.

      Whether these ones come to consoles I don’t know, I imagine to start it will just be vehicle mods but depending on how similar the versions are, I don’t see why the more complex mods couldn’t be ported.

  2. it’s not out yet.

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