PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 4.00 Will Be Out Tomorrow

Sony has confirmed that firmware update 4.00 will be available to download from tomorrow, September 13th, bringing with it folders, a smaller quick menu, HDR imaging, and an increase in length for Twitter videos to a new 140 second limit. Firmware 4.0 has been in beta for approximately a month now, with a select group of owners having had the chance to test some of the new features in store.


In addition to the above features you’ll be to control Spotify from the quick menu instead of having to open the app, the What’s New section has been revamped to put what your friends have been doing front and centre, allowing you to comment on and share their exploits. Community size limits have been increased to 100,000 players, and you’ll have more options to personalise profiles.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I can’t believe it’s coming out this soon. Although thinking about it, they had to bring it out soon to be in time for the slim release.
    Can’t wait.

  2. Had this update for a while now, nice having folders, the only issue with the folder is the fact that you can’t choose a folder picture, this may sound silly but I like a folder picture for my games.

    Also I like the fact they brought, the how long an individual been offline for.

    • The folders is a great addition, easy to sort your games any way you want. I hadn’t thought of choosing your own pictures but it would look better if you could. I hope we keep the folders etc when updating to the official firmware.

      I also like the profile banners, where you can choose your own picture.

    • I’m content with multiple icons in the folder, sometimes i’ll have more than one discreet genre in a folder so i can sort them to show the variety of that folder.
      I just wish one of the 4 icons wasn’t taken up by … a folder icon! :)

    • On the PS3 the picture on the folder was the last game you put in there, even that would be nice.

      • Just tried it on PS4 and you get 4 little pictures based on the 4 games inside the folder…would prefer to be able to control that a little…

      • You can sort the games in any order you want in the folder, the folder icon then shows the first 3 games.

  3. Had this for a while now, and some is good, ę.g. folders, but better say goodbye now to What’s new, its redesign sucks big time. I stopped using it, which is a shame.

    • The change to What’s New is about the only thing i’m not liking much but overall i think it’s a pretty decent update.

  4. Community size is up to 100,000?

    In that case, we’ve got room for a few more in the TSA community. About 99,780 more, I think. Come and join us. It’s only about 50% pictures of No Man’s Sky, although that number will go down with time. ;)

    • You think? …my NMS captures folder is over 30Gb… so far… :O

      • And with that, we’ve probably got room for about 99,993 members now. Thankyou ;)

      • Only kidding – i wouldn’t flood the place with my NMS holiday snaps ;)

  5. Hey, did anyone else know that if you turn your phone landscape, you can view the desktop version of the site? Mind. Blown.

    • Just tried this. Really cool actually

      • Yeah, It’s handy for checking the latest comments so you dont have to click into each article. Something that used to bug me before finding this little trick.

  6. Great looking update – so pleased about the folders and things like the games’ mini-menu like your trophy progress and direct links to streams etc is a really cool touch. Looking forward to it!

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