EU PS Store Update 13/09/16: PES 17, BioShock Collection, And Dead Rising Games

As we head towards the busier period of the year in terms of game releases the PS Store updates are getting larger and filled with the bigger titles. This week sees the release a myriad of sports titles such as PES 17, NBA 2K17, and NHL 17. The FIFA 17 demo is expected to drop at some point too. You can also revisit a couple of franchises as BioShock: The Collection and the Dead Rising games make their way to PS4.





Source: PS Blog

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  1. Has the firmware update broken things? Like the store and trying to download something from the library (but that goes through the store anyway, I think, kind of)

    Oh, and just in case anyone else gets confused… There’s a separate list of things you’ve purchased but haven’t got installed. If you’ve not downloaded something yet, it won’t show up in the default library view. No matter how hard you try looking.

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