Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition Shows Us What Limited Edition PS4s Will Now Look Like

With the new design of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, limited edition consoles will also have to change. We got a glimpse of this with the Final Fatnasy XV Luna Edition console that was announced at Sony’s TGS press conference this morning.

Instead of having a fancy removable panel like on the original PS4 design, this now takes over the entire upper part of the body, nicely blending glossy and matte plastic textures to create the image of a moon. It’s quite tastefully done,  with a golden FF XV logo then in the middle of the console where the PS logo resides on the standard console. That PS logo has been shunted off to the top right hand corner of the machine.



No details on if this will come out in the rest of the world, or if it’s a Japanese exclusive, but the console will be bundled alongside FF XV and the Kingsglaive movie in Japan at the game’s release on 29th November.

Source: Square

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  1. It looks good but I wouldn’t buy a console just because of what’s printed on it or it’s colour. I suppose if your a die hard fan you might, but wouldn’t you already have a PS4 to play the other games in the series?

    • For Final Fantasy, not necessarily, as the only other FF game on PS4 is an MMO.

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