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The Horizon Zero Dawn TGS Trailer Is Gorgeous

The Tokyo Game Show has disgorged a new trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn and it contains a lot of new footage including the Earth before it is devastated, and the the younger Aloy in action. There also seems to be a rather large plot spoiler about where the corrupted beasties come from, so maybe stay away from the trailer if you want surprises.

Of course there is the other question of: What is this running on? It looks stunning, so presumably a Pro. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot what appears to be pre-order costume DLC at the end.

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  1. Not sure I’d say it’s a spoiler as it is more of a “reveal”. A genuinely fascinating one at that. Can’t wait to see the reasons behind it all when the game comes out.

    • I didn’t even see a spoiler, I must be stupid! I’m guessing the voiceover gives stuff away if you turn subtitles on?

  2. It does look very .. crisp.. hope the PS4 version compares well.

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