Mantis Burn Racing Will Use The PS4 Pro’s Extra Power

VooFoo Studios has announced that its racer Mantis Burn Racing will be taking advantage of the PS4 Pro’s tech to deliver a game that will offer native 4K resolution, 60fps and 1080p for players in four player split screen races. Mantis Burn Racing was originally revealed a couple of months ago, with the game currently available on Steam Early Access for £7.99. The original announcement trailer is below.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Micromachines anyone?

    • Yeah, it’s got that unreasonable driftiness and to its credit looks more fun than the latest mobile Micro Machines actually is.
      Does anyone else think that a top down racer being the first (I think?) to shout about using the extra PS4 Pro power seems a disappointing, like it should’ve been a first party AAA monster or a VR title? Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

      • And I’m on about native 4K, I don’t remember Mark Cerny claiming that the other day and all the talk aftwards was of checkerboarding and superscaling.

      • I might be a bit dense but surely the first games they shouted about were at the PlayStation Meeting a handful of days ago?

      • There’s a good chance I’m being very dense and I’ve definitely not been clear :) I’m on about native 4K games (as Dave put it bellow), I got the impression at the meeting that those games aren’t quite native for various reasons.

      • I know Naughty Dog said The Last of Us is 4k native 30fps or a you can have a lower resolution at 60fps,not sure on others i think Elder Scrolls was another running at that resolution.

      • Ah okay, sorry my mistake then :)

      • Sort of reminds me of that top down WRC game from ps3.

      • Either way, Ron, I know what you mean. Thing is, I guess the “simpler” games are easier to quickly get up to snuff with regards to 4K.

  2. Aha, so there will be some ‘native’ 4k games… Cool.

    As good as this looks, can someone please put a notice on the video warning you to push the mute button before your ears get violated – I feel a bit sick after hearing whatever that noise is – I think it’s supposed to be some kind of music.

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