Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Story Trailer Has Arrived

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is going to have a tough year this year if internet murmurs are to be believed, with Battlefield 1 stealing a lot of the franchise’s thunder. Of course many will buy it because of Modern Warfare Remastered, but Activision is keen to remind people that Infinite Warfare is its own game, and will feature a star studded cast. This includes Kit Harrington of Game Of Thrones fame, as well as UFC Featherweight Champion Connor McGregor for some reason.


The trailer does look impressive but I personally couldn’t help but get a Killzone vibe from it. Infinite Warfare does actually look like it will have a decent plot to it, pitching the Earth military against the breakaway Settlement Defense Front. It may be that Call Of Duty and Space may finally mix properly.

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  1. The facial animations and pre-rendered cutscenes look absolutely stunning.

    Although I feel like they’re now just throwing big names at the franchise to get people interested, like with Kevin Spacey, to make up for the distinct lack of ACTUAL gameplay. Campaigns tend to be 6 hours of set pieces and on rails segments (You didn’t expect to actually fly a spaceship did you?) and the multiplayer has been diluted so much its no longer fun. No corners to hide in, no large maps to snipe, just 2 or 3 lanes where you sprint around and kill/die in <1 second. I couldn't name a single one of the maps in the past 5 or so years, they've been that shit.

    The only good thing that can come of this game is the independent release of the COD4 remaster, albeit a probable inflated price tag for a 9 year old game.

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