Shu Runs, Jumps And Glides Across PS4 In October, PS Vita & PC Later This Year

A charming looking side-scrolling platformer, Shu was originally meant to be released late last year, but Coatsink took the game back to the drawing board to make it more fun and engaging. After a further year of development, they’re finally ready to release it into the wild, coming to PS4 on 4th October and with PS Vita and PC versions planned for a little later this year.


No, it’s not Shuhei Yoshida – who’s often known as ‘Shu’ – running back and forth, jumping and gliding around the world as he tries to save villagers from a huge world eating menace, but an original character. Saving villagers earns you new abilities, and it’s actually these that were a key point that Coatsink changed. They used to be able to die, but now they can’t, helping to keep the game focussed and fun.

If you’re waiting for the PS Vita version, you’ll be glad to hear that it will run at 60fps on the handheld, will come with a platinum trophy and features cross-buy.

Source: press release, PS Blog

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