The PSVR Tour Dates For England And Scotland Confirmed

Sony is taking the PSVR on a UK tour, as long as you don’t count Wales and Northern Ireland, for the public to get some hands on with the headset. If you’re heading to EGX you’ll be able to try it out there, though I’d imagine demand would be very high for that. If you’re not heading to the NEC in Birmingham then the other locations below may suit you for what has been dubbed ‘The Future Of Play’ tour.

22nd September -25 September

  • Thursday & Friday, 11am** – 6pm at EGX, Birmingham
  • Saturday & Sunday, 11am** – 7pm at EGX, Birmingham

29th September – 2nd October

  • Thursday & Friday, 10am – 9pm at Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
  • Saturday, 9am – 7pm at Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
  • Sunday, 10am – 7pm at Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow

6th October – 9th October

  • Thursday & Friday, 10am – 9pm at Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • Saturday, 9am – 8pm at Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • Sunday, 11am – 5pm at Meadowhall, Sheffield

12th October – 16th October

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 11am – 9pm at Kachette, Shoreditch, London
  • Saturday, 9am – 9pm at Kachette, Shoreditch, London
  • Sunday, 10am – 5pm at Kachette, Shoreditch, London

20th October – 23rd October

  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10am – 8pm at Cabot Circus, Bristol
  • Sunday, 11am – 5pm at Cabot Circus, Bristol

27th October to 30th October

  • Friday & Saturday, Noon – 9pm at Sackville Street, Manchester
  • Saturday, 9am – 10pm at Sackville Street, Manchester
  • Sunday, 9am – 6pm at Sackville Street, Manchester

During these events people will be able to try out games like Batman Arkham VR, DriveClub VR, Farpoint, Robinson: The Journey, RIGS, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Headmaster, VR Worlds, Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, and Battlezone.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Sweet will go to Glasgow and have a wee bash xD ^^

  2. It seems Sony uses the same map of the UK that the southerners use, a big empty gap between 53 to 55 degrees north! Shame as I would have liked to try it.

    • Hey! As a Southerner, I resent that remark. It’s Londonland that uses that map. We’re just dragged into stuff by Londonland and seem to be a myth to them.

      • It’s not just Londonland. When I was in the Caribbean I got chatting to some people, and when I replied “near Newcastle” to there question “where are you from” one of them said “oh your from Scotland”. And they were from somewhere east of Manchester!!!

  3. Unfortunate that not all locations are before release.

  4. Very good you get to play proper games now. The official Sony tour down here on the continent was really quite shabby in comparison, with no proper games to play at all, no Driveclub, no Batman, no Resident Evil, nothing.

  5. Was hoping for a lot more than this.

  6. And once again Wales seems to not exist.

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