Curve Digital Announce Jump Stars, A Party Game Out In Time To Ruin Christmas

There’s no better time to dig out a party game than at Christmas, when families are all gathered together and any convivial spirit you might have is just asking to be ruined by a dose of competitive gaming. Curve Digital and Jamit Games want you to leave Monopoly in the cupboard and switch on your consoles instead, announcing Jump Stars for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this December.

There’s a mix of cooperative and competitive play, as up to four players work together – both locally and online, it seems -to complete objectives and goals for the whole team, while also looking out for themselves to try and maybe double crossing your “friends”. There’s 10 mini games to learn, including Tailspin, where you all jump over a giant rotating arm, or Hunger Pains, where you have to dash around a platforming pie eating contest.

It’s all given the feel of a TV game show, with the Host occasionally throwing wildcards into the mix if he thinks you’ve had it a little bit too easy.

If you’re at EGX this weekend, you can head over and give it a go, as it’s part of the Rezzed section.

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