DayZ Still Coming To Consoles, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

Two years ago DayZ appeared on Sony’s Gamescom stage but since then we’ve heard very little about the console port.

“The PC is our flagship platform for Day-Z,” lead designer Brian Hicks told Eurogamer. “That is where 99 per cent of our development resources are focused. And while there was a lot of push from Sony and Microsoft to get up on their stages and say ‘yes, we’re coming’, our focus has been exclusively (I want to say exclusively because there’s about a one per cent development resource trying to keep those platforms at a point at which, once we get to our beta and our bug fixing, we can start pushing forward on that) on the PC.”


Eurogamer has a lengthy interview with Brian but to summarise, work may start on the console versions in 2017, and it will almost certainly be out on Xbox One first.

Rather spookily, back when the game was announced for PS4 the first comment, written by “ABlokeCalledDaz” was “See you in 3 years”, which may turn out to be spookily accurate.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. They are possibly wary of releasing an alpha on console – 7 Days to Die console alpha got a poor reception although it turns out it was quite what i was looking for, a more realistic version of Minecraft.

  2. Is there much interest these days for DayZ to arrive on consoles? I may be on my own here but I feel this game will become irrelevent by the time it debuts on consoles. The market is already oversatureated with zombie/survival games that its become a running gag.

    • I’d much rather have it’s ancestor games, ArmA 2 or ArmA 3. The amount of time I’d sink into those games…

    • There doesn’t seem to much interest on PC anymore, let alone consoles.. Its still deep in early access on Steam, so I cant see this coming to console anytime soon, if at all.

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