Driveclub VR Has 114 Tracks, 80 Cars, And No One Likes Paul Hollywood Anymore

You bloody traitor Paul Hollywood! How could you? No one is going to watch your rubbish half arsed rubbish version of Bake Off on Channel 4, in fact people will deliberately not watch it. I hope you enjoy your money you scumbag.

Anyway, Driveclub VR is back on for being a PlayStation VR launch title! Woo! It was scheduled as such, then Sony went a bit vague and had it as a “2016” release, but it’s now confirmed for October 13th for $39.99 /€39.99.


There are 114 tracks in total, with 80 “iconic high-performance cars” to race about in VR. Tef went hands on with Driveclub VR the other week and called it “outstanding.”

Source: Twitter / Twitter / Twitter / No One Likes You Anymore Paul Hollywood. 

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  1. That’s more tracks than I thought, glad to see it back as a launch title.
    Is there any word on DLC?

  2. Call me stupid but I kind of assumed it would be a patch to make the full game VR ready. Hadn’t actually realised it is technically a new game/purchase.

    Is a patch just not a possibility? My understanding of VR doesn’t go far past “COOOOOOOOOOOOOL”.

    • Yeah I though I’d read it was going to be an expansion pack for the original game too, with only a few tracks, but now it’s so massive now a separate release is a great idea!

  3. I was not expecting it to be a launch title, that’s brilliant news!

    Looks like I made my preorder too late for launch, but looking forward to getting my hands on the headset and games as soon as I can!

  4. I’ve been going back to DriveClub recently, I love that game!
    This and Rez are the reasons I want VR day 1.

  5. Is there a physical release for drive club vr? I can’t preorder it anywhere.

    • It doesnt seem so, which is a little odd.

    • I’ve read a few posts on reddit saying there’s going to be a free version for PS+’ers. I would have thought that if correct we would have heard more about it?

      • I read there would be a discount for owners of the Driveclub season pass. I’m sure it won’t be free.

  6. I’ve no idea who Paul Bollywood is, but wasn’t Driveclub supposed to be a launch title already once..? Not many games get a second chance like that. ;o)
    Loved it, have to play it again some time, and as soon as Alien:Isolation is confirmed for PSVR, I’ll get it all, and a playseat, and a wheel, and a new flat or house like Drake’s on a beach at the end of the world…

  7. Nice video, looks like you really LIKEd it.

  8. 144 tracks is more than i expected and the new tracks are being added to standard Driveclub for free which means that i’ll be spending a lot more time with it again.

    • lol, type i meant 114 – 144 is more than even the devlopers are expecting ;)

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