Gain Access To A Multiplayer Mode In Titanfall 2 By Eating Chicken

Well that’s a headline I wasn’t expecting to write today, or indeed ever, and I know it’s Friday but this not a Friday Fun jape, this is real.

Titanfall 2’s Coliseum mode, 1v1 matches in which robots try to whack each other out of a ring much like sumo wrestling, can be accessed by playing the multiplayer and winning a  Coliseum ticket. However, American gamers can also get a ticket by chowing down on those perennial favourites, Mountain Dew and Doritos, or as a special treat, at US restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings.


“We’re excited to partner with EA and offer our Guests unique and exclusive opportunities to immerse themselves in one of the most anticipated releases of the year,” said Todd Kronebusch, vice president of guest experience and innovation.

That’s an impressive job title at a company that sells bits of fired chicken, I bet Todd’s mother is dead proud.

Titanfall 2 launches on October 28th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and probably comes with some free dips and a sachet of wet wipes.

Source: Gamespot / Eurogamer / Businesswire

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  1. A “restaurant” chain that refers to it’s customers as “guests”? And sells chicken coated in dubious crap?

    I wonder if you can just pay real money and not have to eat bits of dodgy chicken? Or live in the US? (Ok, or a small selection of other completely random countries)

    On the other hand, I played the beta and the game was a bit rubbish, so now I’m trying to decide if dodgy chicken products are better than the game or not. Hmmm.

    • what’s wrong with buffalo wild wings? I was literally there 2 days ago in Vegas and there wings are just as good as anywhere else.

      Also BWW has recently been showing CS:GO so I’m all up for that.

  2. The classic typo is funny. “you’re fired!”

  3. Let’s promote obesisity! Let’s further the sterotype that all gamers are fat and live off fast food! etc..

    Seriously? fast food to unlock a beta? We already have enough bad ideas. The last thing gamers need is a eat to get in thing to become the norm.

    Plus, how come there isn’t a massive outrage about it? #NeverforgetDewandDoritogate

    • why would there be an outrage.

      how many times you been to America lol

      sports and food go together, video games and food go together.

      what’s the problem?

  4. What about the Vegans? Will nobody think about the Vegans? #veganlivesmatter

  5. For those of you that have never been to b-dubs (as it’s often referred to) I mostly went there to watch sports, drink some beers and have some dodgy chicken on the side…

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