Guess Which Game Has Sold The Most So Far This Year?

Ahead of the big Christmas rush, which will no doubt see FIFA, Call of Duty, and the rest of the usual suspects smash current sales figures, a certain publisher has revealed that that they are ranked first among all publishers, and one of their games has sold more than any other.

So which game is it? Could it be Doom, that sold well, so has Overwatch, or maybe Uncharted 4? Rocket League has been in the top ten since it was released as a physical disc, or maybe it’s the ever green Grand Theft Auto V, which bounced back to number one earlier this year.


Nope, none of them, according Ubisoft the best selling game this year both in the United States and Europe is The Division.

Source: Press release

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  1. Big advert cash = sales.

  2. And the name of the game with the highest player loss is….?
    The Division???

    • Oh I dunno, No Mans Sky could be a contender for that award by all accounts…

  3. I’ve enjoyed playing the Division for some time, had excellent co-op games in there, but then it got repetitive.
    Still, it was a blast to play for a while, so no problem for me if Ubisoft takes home that trophy.

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