King’s Quest Returns Next Week With Chapter 4

Having fallen off the grid ever so slightly, King’s Quest will return on September 27th with its fourth chapter: Snow Place Like Home.

As ever, King Graham’s newest adventure will jump to a different period in his life, masterfully narrated by Christopher Lloyd.


Details are few and far between though Chapter 4 is said to be centred around Gram’s son, Prince Alexander. Having disappeared as a young boy, his sudden return will no doubt open the door for some of the series’ more poignant moments. Naturally, these’ll be sandwiched between plenty of hilarious gaffs.

Developer The Odd Gentlemen also confirmed that Chapter 5 will be launching before the end of the year, bringing the series to a close

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  1. Its been 84 years and I can still remember the first chapter. But season pass holders were being abused. Their patience was beginning to wear thin. King’s Quest was called the game of dreams. But it wasn’t, it really wasn’t.

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