News Snatch: Uncharted 4, Dead Rising 4, Nier: Automata, And Getting The Horn On Vita

Time for another catch up of bits and bobs, and as you might well expect from News Snatch, the odd boob as well. I’m a bit of a rush today as the rest of the staff are at EGX so let’s dive in and start with trailer for the latest CGI Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Did you know that update 4.0 brought a way to sneak a look at hidden trophies on PlayStation 4? Simply click in to the trophy and press the square button to reveal the details.
The Dead Rising 4 Return to the Mall trailer does exactly what it says on the tin and brings us back to Willamette Mall, where a recon mission quickly goes awry.

Did you spot that there’s a demo of Just Dance 2017 on the stores? You can grab it now and it features pop muppet Justin Bieber and his insanely catchy tune, Sorry. You don’t need any funky equipment to play the game as you can tether your mobile phone to your console and use the gyros in that.

Someone was asking what gameplay from Robinson: The Journey looked like, so here’s some b-roll footage.

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni from PQube has been delayed due to a “wardrobe malfunction”. I have no idea what the game is about, but I can get a good idea from this screenshot. The game will now be out on PS Vita on 30th September in Europe, whilst North Americans will have to wait until 11th October before they can get their hands on the tits. I mean, game. Game. Hands on the game.

The last bits of the Tokyo Game Show are dribbling out, here is some footage of Nier (far, wherever you are, I know my heart will go on): Automata.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will not be getting split screen in multiplayer. Was that ever a thing? I mused have missed that. Anyway, Naughty Dog have decided that more content is preferable to split screen, so are focusing on that.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas will be coming to PlayStation Vita! No details have been revealed, but the FDG Entertainment tweeted the image as confirmation.

Recore has been patched on Xbox One to improve the load times.

And Finally, Wonderboy Returns! Yes, I’m confused as well as Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (which is a remake of Wonderboy III) has already been announced for consoles, as has Monsterboy, which is based on Wonderboy in Monsterland and created by the chaps who orginally made Wonderboy. But now Wonderboy Returns is coming to consoles as well.

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  1. I’ll be very tempted to pick up Oceanhorn on Vita but what’s the big deal with Wonder Boy?!
    Maybe I missed it when I was a kid but the new game doesn’t look that good to me.
    Then again no 2D platformer looks good after the sublime Rayman Legends. That and Origins were so damn good!

  2. Another little mousefart of news… The Berrics (pretty much the biggest website in the world of skateboarding) has started a campaign for Skate 4.

  3. Kinda surprised that Higital Docide suing Valve and other people hasn’t been reported at all by TSA.

    The Tits game, she looks like she is an anime adult and doesn’t come off as dodgy. Unlike another game that was the Jimmy Savile Experience. If i had a vita, I wouldn’t buy it as I have anime porn… i mean, google images for porn….. i mean….. the internet for naughty images and naughty images. Mmm, elven women….

    What? I’m a grown man, i’m allowed to do that. Shuddup! I look at what sexualised fictional characters that are adults i want on google images! Stop judging me!

    Ahem, i mean, porn is good.

    UC4 and splitscreen? Not heard the SS term in a while. I am never using the SS as shorthand for SplitScreen again. Comes off as rather unfortunate.

    The new CGI Resident Evil will be far better then the awful “LOOK GAWYS! MAH WIFE IS SEXY! SHE IS BADASS! FECK YOU! THIS IS MY FRANCHISE! GO AWAY YOU FANS!” live action Resident Evil films. They are awful. 2 was the last decent one.

    Wonder what characters the so called final chapter will feck up?

    • I read that wrong and now think you have some weird fetish for porn with eleven women in. No more, no less. That’s a very specific number, isn’t it?

      • Mmm, eleven elven women doing….

        If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my little cave.

  4. Those boobs, wow!… I disapprove, of course.

  5. This snatch is a little dry today.

  6. My nephew wants a Vita for Christmas – after becoming somewhat addicted to mine – but they’re so expensive to buy new and with pretty limited choice/availability. I knew Vita was dying but I didn’t expect it to be dead already.

    I’d love to import the cosmic red edition from Japan but it’s proving difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price.

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