Firewatch Is Going To Get A Movie Adaptation

Campo Santo has partnered with the film company Good Universe to create both film and game projects. The first thing that this partnership is set to produce is a movie version of Campo Santo’s Firewatch, which has nearly reached the million mark in terms of sales. The game had hit 500,000 versions sold in its first month of release. The game is about a fire lookout named Henry in Wyoming who only has contact with the outside world with his walkie talkie, and even that is limited to his supervisor Delilah.

Campo Santo’s founder Sean Vanaman spoke about the deal.

“When we met Good Universe we were floored by how they recognize, cultivate and produce incredible stories. It’s rare you meet another group that shares so many of your values and makes the process of creating things even more exciting. We can’t wait to see what we make together.”

There are currently no other details about the movie.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Nice, Firewatch would make quite a good film. I’d like to see it done in the gentle suspense style of Moon with Nathan Fillion as Henry and Sarah Rafferty as Delilah. Oooor maybe Bruce Campbell as Henry and Pamela Anderson as Delilah, with loads of monsters and chainsaws and tits, now that’d be sight.

    • Why can’t we have Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell? Together at last! Everyone would love it.

      Still, Ash vs Evil Dead starts again soon, so we’ve got all the Bruce we need for now.

  2. It’s a fantastic game and tells a decent story very well, so I’d definitely been interested in a film.

    The game on PS4 has had an update which adds 5 trophies and an Audio Tour mode (or something), since the Xbox version got these extras with its release. One thing though – one of the trophies is currently unobtainable due to a glitch though. How is it, a studio cannot play their own game through once to see if all the trophies actually pop? Worse still, is that the game is only about 4 bloody hours long. In 2016, this is lazy, terrible form I’m afraid and embarrassing for them. Apparently they submitted a patch to Sony yesterday, but it could be weeks before a patch is out.

    • Good to know about the audio tour, after recent chat about walking sims this seems like a good excuse to give the game another go! Not good news about the glitches trophy though, you’re right that seems like poor quality control, let’s hope it’s sorted in days rather than weeks.

      • Yeah, I’m actually looking forward to playing it again due to the update.

        You just can’t believe that not one member – no matter how small the studio – hasn’t playtested the DLC and tried to get the trophies. There’s only a handful of them, and it’s a short game. There’s absolutely no excuse! Would have saved them the cost of a patch too!

      • Glitches trophies happen so often, I’d love to know more about how they’re programmed in and tested. Presumably the dev PS4s different enough to retail that the trophy triggers can react differently on each machine? Or maybe it’s like you say, trophies simply don’t get tested? If they do get tested I’d hate to have to have been the poor bastard who had to find and kill 100 pigeons in GTA4 :)

      • Yes it is a bit of an unknown.

        If the dev PS4s do act differently, you’d think any testing would be done on a retail PS4, that’s simple common sense! I suspect some devs don’t care much for them – and probably find them annoying – and to be fair they aren’t that important, but it just highlights a lack of care in my opinion.

        Ha – yeah those pigeons must have been a real pain to do! God knows the GTA5 collectables were a chore as there were just so many sets!!

      • It can be that devs will play their game quite a bit, but on unfinished code in segments. The game code triggers involved in certain trophies can be complicated, so it can be the slightest thing that makes it all fall short. That said I’m surprised someone from PR or Socal Media who hasn’t tirelessly worked on the game hasn’t played the game in full on a retail ps4,especially at four hours.

      • Exactly mate. Very odd for such a short game – it’s certainly not a Fallout 4 kinda game where you could forgive it!

        Anyway, good to see they’ve applied for a patch so quickly and I really am looking forward to playing it again, was a game I really enjoyed.

      • There are plenty of massive games that have no glitches with their convoluted trophies though, so maybe Sony’s QA just isn’t very strict on the testing method and it’s just the case that the Firewatch team have either been lazy or have cocked up in this instance? Either way, they could’ve done better.
        MrYd, I didn’t know Ash vs Evil Dead existed, it’s looks amazing AND it has Xenia Warrior Princess in it! You are this seasons pop culture guru, give me more haha!

      • We’re getting all confused with replying now, but never mind…

        Ash vs Evil Dead is enormous fun. Some wonderfully horrible and hilarious gore (which you wouldn’t think they could get away with on TV). And it’s basically completely stupid. Which is what you’d want out of such a TV series.

        And Lucy Lawless is always fun. (I don’t think I should encourage people to watch Spartacus though, even if she was in it. You might all get too excited)

        Someone spoiled the second series slightly by announcing a surprising (as in “I thought he was dead!”) guest star in a certain role. Which, now I think about it, is perfect casting. And I won’t repeat the spoiler.

        Just go and watch it somehow. Which, in the UK, means Virgin Media, or dubious means. You know the ones ;)

        I typed all that without using the word groovy.

        Aww, crap.

  3. I was really interested in the game until I realised it was a walking sim, so I’ll definitely be interested in a film, the story sounded great.

  4. I’ve heard good things so i must check out the game at some point but i haven’t felt compelled to complete any of the ‘walking sims’ i’ve played so far.

    • I thought this was more exciting than other walking sims I’ve played. Everybody’s gone to the Rapture bored me to tears for example. With Firewatch I always felt like there was something to do and the game guides you from one place to the next. I also loved how the first hour or so you have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. Is it a ghost? Is it all in your head? Is there some deranged stalker trying to kill you. Are you a test subject? It also helps that it’s possible one of the most gorgeous looking games ever.

      • Sounds more engaging than EGTTR at least, i’ll grab it next time i see a bargain.

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