Tesco Might Have Just Leaked The Nintendo NX Price

A listing for the Nintendo NX popped up earlier today, as Tesco erroneously pushed a page live a bit earlier than they should have done – it has since been removed. That page had two major pieces of information, pencilling in the consoles price as £349.99, which would be fairly plausible, but then also having the release date as 31/12/16, which contradicts what Nintendo have said about the console’s release earlier this year. The console is actually coming out in March 2017. In other words, take both of these points of information with an amount of salt that exceeds the daily recommended allowance of salt.

However, Nintendo’s next console is widely expected to be announced within the next month or two, following a very revealing dump of information last month. That outlined a modular handheld tablet-like console which can link to and play games on your TV. The technical hurdles involved and prices of powerful multipurpose tablets from Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers could easily lead to a £349.99 price, though you’d have to hope that Nintendo would aim for a more competitive price point when stacking up against the Xbox One S and new PlayStation 4, both of which are £100 less.


Either way, we’ll know soon enough…

Source: Tesco via Alice Willison, NintendoLife

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  1. I was expecting the NX to be, at the most, the same as X1 slim and the new PS4. I think £350 is way too much.

    • 350 is fair if the mobile form factor provides to be quite good. However, I can’t help but think market-wise it could end up going the way of the Wii U in being on the backfoot with price and maybe performance.

  2. I love Nintendo exclusives but I’m not sure I’m ready to pay anything over €250 for it anymore. I’ll sit early adopting out this time ?

  3. Kinda felt like I didnt get my moneys worth from the Wii and even more so from the Wii U.. So, I think I’m done with Nintendo.

    Maybe they should swap places with Sega, who should definitely get back into the hardware business.

    • Yes! Sega hardware, Nintendo software multi platform.

  4. Hmm tough one, originally I thought £250 would be the spot they aimed for but you’re right to point out iPad prices. Since this will inevitably sell less than iPad and also have to have a decent screen and be good quality and solid enough to take some child beatings (as in beatings from children, not being used to beat children) it’ll probably be expensive. I still think it’s the perfect idea for combining home console, portable and some sort of entry VR but it’ll need to be priced on par with the slim PS4 and XBox One if the first impression is to have a chance of being a good one.

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