Battlefield 1’s Campaign Trailer Has Been Released

Much of the news surrounding Battlefield 1 has been focused on the game’s multiplayer, but we have had only minor glimpses of the game’s campaign. Today DICE has revealed details regarding the single player portion of the game, along with a trailer that travels to different fronts of World War One. DICE has confirmed that there will be multiple protagonists, each with their own war story. These stories will focus on the people rather than the wider scope of the conflicts they are involved in.


One of the war stories is called Through Mud & Blood. In this players take on the role of a British tank crew, more specifically the tank’s driver. He is a new recruit that needs to learn how to control a tank, and try to build relations with his tank team. Another story focuses on the Bedouin woman who has appeared in a few of the trailers now. She is the right hand of Lawrence of Arabia, and you’ll play through a plot that focuses on the rebellion taking place in the Ottoman Empire.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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  1. I didn’t like the MP beta at all, but that is a seriously good trailer. I doubt I’ll pick it up on release, but will certainly get it at some point when it goes on sale.

  2. Day one for me,enjoyed the beta and enjoyed all previous Battlefield incarnations apart from Hardline that was a bit shite.

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