Homefront: The Revolution’s The Voice Of Freedom Single Player DLC Out Now

The first single player story DLC for Homefront: The Revolution has been released, and it goes by the name The Voice of Freedom. In this content players assume the role of Benjamin Walker, one of the biggest heroes of the Resistance and the KPA’s most wanted man in America. Walker’s mission is to infiltrate occupied Philadelphia and make contact with Jack Parish’s resistance group. Along the way though Walker will face off against a group known as The 90, who occupy Philadelphia’s subways.

Those who purchased the Homefront expansion pass will get The Voice of Freedom for free, while those without will have to pay £4.99 on PS4 or £4.49 on PC and Xbox One.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Oh right, the sequel was released this year. Forgot it A. Existed. B. Wasn’t that good according to reviews.

    Erm…… good for them i suppose?

    • It’s actually a very good game now that it’s had several patches. A surprisingly refreshing open world game that doesn’t reek of Ubisoft, and has genuine jaw dropping visual moments that really show off what this gen of consoles can do.

      I got the full edition for £25, and it’s worth it. I just need to invest a bit more time and thought into the game, as it’s a bit more ArmA methodical rather CoD shooty bang bang.

    • I’m with Avenger on this one. It’s a great game.

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