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Hey there welcome to News Snatch, the bit of the internet where gaming news goes to die. First up, the unsettling point-and-click adventure Dead Synchronicity is coming to consoles next week and here is a trailer to explain what the game is about. There’s lovely.

If you thought you were close to completing Candy Crush then think again, the 2,000th level was released this week.

The game has now been played over 1 trillion times, with around 18 billion plays every month. That’s enough swiping to go 41,197,500km in a year, or more than 54 times to the moon and back. That’s not far enough to get to Mars, though, so NASA will have to think of something else…

Some fancy space warfare type stuff going on here in the Tau Empire Trailer for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

This is the 1,456,747th trailer for Mafia III, and this one focuses on Lincoln’s tactical skills.

Final Fantasy XIV has been updated with a huge patch, here is what to expect.

● Main Scenario Quests: Soul Surrender marks the reunion of Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur and delves further into the story surrounding the Warriors of Darkness.

● New Raid Dungeon: The final chapter of the Alexander raid dungeon series challenges adventurers to conquer tough new foes and is available in two difficulty levels: “Alexander: The Creator” and “Alexander: The Creator (Savage).”

● Containment Bay P1T6: Players will face off against Sophia, the Goddess as the second battle in The Warring Triad series. The ancient Meracydian deity can be challenged in both normal and extreme difficulties.

· Two New High-Level Dungeons: Heroes can journey into the mountains of Xelphatol, battling against the Ixal to prevent the summoning of Garuda, or take on new challenges to obtain long-forgotten knowledge in The Great Gubal Library (Hard).

● New Side Quests: The ever-exciting Hildibrand questline returns, as the inspector extraordinaire investigates new rumors of criminals in Ishgard. Additionally, new quests from the Saint Endalim’s Sophisticate are available, in which players will uncover the truth behind a missing student of the seminary.

● Housing Updates: Apartments have come to each of the housing wards, providing players with an affordable housing option that includes a shared chocobo™ stable and lobby area. Aquariums are also available as a new furniture choice for all housing options—players can customize the aquarium’s décor and start their very own fish collection.

The official Patch 3.4 website provides additional details on the following:

● Grand Company Updates: Patch 3.4 introduces adventurer squadrons, a simulation-style feature in which players assemble their own squad of NPC volunteers and send them on special missions. Furthermore, a new Grand Company player rank will be available, in addition to new gear which can be purchased with company seals.

● PvP Updates: Eorzeans may now engage in one-on-on matches using Duel Mode in the Wolves’ Den Pier PvP area. PvP fans can also hone their skills in 4v4 battles with the new Custom Match feature. Those who wish to watch from the sidelines may use Spectator Mode to view custom matches, with preset camera angles to allow for an up-close view of the action.

● Expanded Cross Hotbar Options for Players Using Controllers: Player utilizing the cross hotbar will now have even more freedom and customization options when setting up their actions with the new W Cross Hotbar.

● New Gear, Exploratory Missions, and more.

The devs behind BroForce have decided to move offices. To Mauritius. Nice work if you can get it.

Motorsport Manager is coming to PC and Mac on November 10th 2016

Here is some footage of Crash Bandicoot making his long awaited return as part of Skylanders: Imaginators. I just wish he moved a little quicker he seems so slow!

Smash + Grab from United Front has gone in to Early Access on PC, why not give it a spin.

Also heading towards Early Access is Serial Cleaner, a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, characterized by a 1970s theme and aesthetics.

And Finally, for the gamer who has everything, why not decorate your home with this delightful spunk spurting Skyrim shine. Yours for just $239, and the ridicule of anyone who visits your home.

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  1. I think you should have pointed out that the spunky Skyrim shrine is individually numbered and you should pre-order it to ensure the number matches your other, less spunky shrines.

    Because it’d be terrible if you didn’t get the right number. That’d be one more thing for your (presumably imaginary) friends to taunt you about.

  2. Serial Cleaner is something that I am excited about. Can’t wait to play the game. I only hope it won’t have like 5 levels and that’s all there will be

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