What We Played #273: Dishonored 2, XCOM 2 & FIFA 17

We’re wading into the busiest period of game releases of the year, and looking to the next few weeks, there’s an awful lot of major games coming out way. But What We Played is about the past, not the future, and I’ve been ensnared once more by Destiny, completing the Wrath of the Machine raid a couple of times, and also figuring out our way through some of its bizarre and convoluted secrets.

As well as this, I’ve been playing Dishonored 2 today, sampling both Emily and Corvo’s side of the game, and their different power sets. It’s shaping up very nicely, with the Clockwork Mansion level affording you a lot of freedom to explore and find your own route. Expect to see our preview and hands on videos next week. In the meantime, I played a lot of Battlezone in VR a fortnight ago. Check. It. Out.

Before starting to shout “Objection!” back and forth in our Slack chat, Dave and Miguel both revealed that they’ve been playing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Miguel’s also gone back to playing Yakuza 3, while Dave’s returned to XCOM 2, this time playing on PS4, and tried out the first episode of Batman – The Telltale Series.

Aran’s been on a sports game review bender for the last fortnight, turning in a nice 8/10 score for FIFA 17 at the start of this week – Kris hasn’t played it, but he has it in his bag, which isn’t too far off. Aran also returned to Tales from the Borderlands, and has been loving its sense of humour.

Turning to a simple list, because of the sheer volume of games he’s played, Jim’s hit up Uncharted 4, Mount & Blade: Warband, Syberia 2, Hitman, and Metro 2033 Redux in the last seven days. In stark comparison, Tuffcub’s only found free time for “Destiny Iron thingies”, having completely given up on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Adam included last week’s trek to EGX, where he sampled Sonic Mania, GT Sport and Tekken 7. He adored Overcooked and Yooka Laylee, but had technical issues with Gears of War 4 on PC and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Now that he’s returned home, the Xbox One has been turned on and he’s been enjoying the “bloody gorgeous” Forza Horizon 3.

Our Forza Horizon 3 review is actually in the works from Dom, so expect that at the start of this week alongside his review of Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Oh, and we just got our hands on a PlayStation VR today… We’ll have tons, and tons, and tons of stuff to talk about for it, but for now, we’re only really allowed to bring you an unboxing. Would you like to see it being extricated from its protective cardboard box?

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  1. Finished off Doom and Ratchet and Clank this week, both very good games in their own ways. Also picked up Transistor. Quite mixed on it, lovely visuals and audio design but the combat system feels awkward at best. I plan to give it one more go over the weekend to make up my mind.

    • The combat system definitely takes some getting used to, the rest of the game certainly makes it worthwhile. I ended up preferring it over Bastion, I found the voice-over commentary extremely irritating in that, nevertheless I’m looking forward to the next project from Supergiant Games, Pyre.

      • Yeah, it definitely deserves another look. Bastion was OK, I just didn’t get all the fuss about it.

  2. Not much this week, a bit of battlefield 4 online to try to get the dlc trophies. Managed to get one trophy and also won the game playing capture the flag without trying for it, which was nice. Made me a chuffing hero! Sadly most of the other trophies are doing there best to frustrate me.

  3. Absolutely nothing for the second week in a row, which is kinda depressing! Despite a pile of games to get through I just haven’t felt the inclination. PS+ runs out in 4 days too and I’m not that fussed about renewing it.

    On the flip side Forza Horizon 3 looks fantastic – I’m torn between getting an Xbox or new GPU and repurposing some PC hardware I have hanging around just to play it.

  4. As for some reason my comment didn’t show up, I try again…

    I’ve been on a business trip abroad again this week, so not too much gaming for me. Back home I returned to SOMA, which I didn’t quite get into when I first played it several months ago. This time around I just try to play through it a bit quicker, as this type of game I would actually expect to like, so I’m willing to make an effort, and I progressed in the story now, and it’s ok so far. I fell asleep over it last night, but that’s more due to my state than anything in the game.

    Oh yes, and I’ve ordered Fallout 4, which suddenly got very cheap on my wish list of a UK online shop, so I got that sent over to me. Added it to my backlog.

  5. Nothing this week, but got FIFA16 on eBay for 99p, lol!

  6. I’ve gotten through a lot this week but haven’t completed anything, a good chunk of UC3 and R&C, nearing the end of both of those now.

    Also started playing Dirt Rally and was relieved to find it wasn’t as punishing as Richard Burns Rally, more like the old Colin McRae games, always loved how you could ‘feel’ the road surface through the vibration and i notice it now with the ice roads too. I’m averaging 3rd place with the 60’s Lancia throughout my first career championship, one rally left. Room for improvement but i’m content with that for now. Considering some of the bumps i’ve had along the way though, i’m half-dreading and half-thrilled at the prospect of driving faster cars later on!

    With all that i only had time to play about 7 hours of NMS this week, and most of that was on just one lovely planet.

    And few attempts at Binding of Isaac, the added content with the free Afterbirth update is keeping this game firmly in my “most played ps plus game ever” slot.

    And finally and by all means least, i tried the Dragon Quest Builders demo, an excrutiating exercise in skipping through endless dialog boxes only to find that the building mechanic was less than intuitive and not as open-ended as i had hoped. It’s definitely an RPG first and foremost, but sadly not the kind that i would have the patience for.

  7. Purchased FIFA 17 and Rise of Iron, and somehow played more of Rainbow 6: Siege than those two combined by some margin. Anybody who hasn’t played Siege and wants a PVP FPS that offers something a little different owes it to themselves to give it a go. It’s a great game, especially with friends or a team working towards a common goal. Great game that I feel has improved with age.

  8. Dead island Riptide with R1MJAW and Forrest,some Division with Forrest and GTAV again with Forrest R1MJAW and heedbaw,in between was PES 2017,Destiny and Bioshock with some FIFA 17 thrown in.

  9. Renewed my XBL sub this week so have been playing a lot of Halo MCC online.
    Also picked up a copy of The Division in a sale (£14), so made a start on that last night. Seems good so far, even in single player.

  10. I got a couple of Google Cardboards thanks to NME Magazine handing them out outside the tube yesterday, and it’s awesome. Does anyone have any recommendations to try?

    • Since you’re running dry for recommendations mate, try youtubing trailers for films in 3D SBS (side by side). There’s some cracking ones, especially the IMAX films, sadly there’s a lot of crap to wade through too but it’s worth it for the odd gem. I was supplied a naughty copy of The Lego Movie in 3D SBS (mitigated by me owning the blu ray, and spending too much on Lego for a 31 year old!!), I watched the whole thing with my phone jammed in google Cardboard and some headphones on, apart from the red marks on my nose and cheeks afterwards it was a great experience, better than 3D in the cinema!

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