Something For The Weekend – 01/10/16

If you live and breathe videogames, October is both hugely exciting and utterly terrifying. September has seen some big releases, sure, but October is where the proverbials hit the fan. It’s not just that there’s huge FPS series like Battlefront and Titanfall hitting the shelves, let alone big hitters in the form of Mafia III’s open world and Civilization VI’s evergreen turn based empire building, there’s also a whole new hardware platform and reams of launch titles for the PlayStation VR.

Quite simply, there’s too much to play… not that this will stop me trying!

In the News This Week

Games in Review

If you thought last week’s selection of game reviews was varied, this week takes things to new levels. A lot of it is actually rather good, with a fistful of 8/10 score. Here’s the rundown:

This Week’s Features

With so many reviews this week, other previews and features took a bit of a back seat. Dom got to go hands on with Horizon: Zero Dawn at EGX, and while it was a limited demo, he came away from it feeling rather optimistic about the game.

Jim was less enthusiastic about the Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star DLC, which is clearly very evocative of the original film’s climactic battle, but leans far too heavily on the game’s dogfighting for his liking.

Lego Dimensions is heading into its second year of content, and as Wave 6 launches with a ton of new toys, we looked at how TT Games are now trying to shake things up with the new Story Packs.

XCOM 2’s come to console this week, having launched on PC earlier this year, and we spoke to Garth DeAngelis about handling that long wait, how the game differs from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and tried to figure out the name of a Matt Damon film where there’s this city in the sky…

And finally, with PlayStation VR out in less than a fortnight, we got some extended hands on time with Battlezone. Could this be the defining PlayStation VR game, we ask? It’s certainly shaping up to be a very compelling launch title, and you can see the game in action in our video, and read about the game’s development as we speak to Rebellion.

Trailer Park

We played an awful lot of Battlezone in VR
And while it’s a bit cheeky to put this in with official trailers – and I just mentioned it in the features section above – but it’s really very good and you should totally watch us playing it…

There’s a new cinematic story trailer for Titanfall 2
And it tells you why Pilots are so super special.

Battlefield 1 also gets a single player trailer
EA’s other big hope for the FPS market this year is Battlefield 1, hopping between multiple protagonists and theatres of war.

Watch the first 20 minutes of Gears of War 4
This prologue opens up the game with a whistlestop tour of some of the world’s pivotal moments.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered gets a launch trailer
For those that have pre-ordered the fancy pants editions of Infinite Warfare, they can get in on the remastered Modern Warfare on October 5th.

SportsBarVR joins the PlayStation VR launch line up
Pool Nation VR is being rebranded for PSVR, because it’s now much more than just a pool game, letting you faff around in a 100% digital sports bar. The best part is won’t need to clean up after yourself!

Your Achievements

Steelhead gets us underway, having finished off both Doom and Ratchet & Clank this week, before moving on to Transistor. While he hasn’t completed it, TSBonyman has also been playing Ratchet & Clank, alongside a good slice of Uncharted 3 and Dirt Rally.

Blast71 picked up one of the Battlefield 4 DLC trophies he’s been working toward, and seeing as we’re very light on the achievements this week, I might as well mention that Andrewww somehow managed to fall asleep while playing SOMA… a horror game.

The Week Ahead

Fun fact: all of the release dates for the next week and a half look like review scores. Can anyone release with a perfect 10/10 a week on Monday? I’m sure that 2K are hoping for better than 7/10 scores for Mafia III!

  • Aragami – PS4, Win, Mac, Linux – 4/10
  • Shu – PS4, Win – 4/10
  • Atlas Reactor – Win – 4/10
  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered – PS4, XBO, Win – 4/10
  • Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – PS4, XBO – 4/10
  • Wheels of Aurelia – PS4, XBO – 5/10
  • Mafia III – PS4, XBO, PC – 7/10
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash – Wii U – 7/10
  • WRC 6 – PS4, XBO, PC – 7/10

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a busy weekend of gaming ahead!

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  1. Meanwhile in the chamber of Steven….

    Erm…. something silly, silly,, Gazzagb gets harmed, Teflon joke, TSA corrupt joke, it was the jelly babies blamed joke….

    I started volunteering and should stand a stronger chance of getting a jerb by the end of the year or by summer of ’17. Would probably take advantage of the cheap PS4 if it’s still around then but would encounter a literal physical spacing issue.

    Also, is there going to be a WWE2k17 review next week? If so, will there be anything indicating last gen differneces? There is no confirmed information about it and I really don’t want to put 2k17 on my to get list, get it, find out it’s just an updated roster, ragequite, Tombstone Piledriver it, chokeslam it, stunner it, superkick and spear iit then probably play it. Don’t mind an updated roster with most of the new gameplay features but universe mode by itself isn’t much.

    Oh and I’m still playing Oblivion. Would have mentioned it in the What we played tingy but A. I cba to. B. Suspect achievements are all trophy related.

    Will there be plans to do something about the rotten corpse of the forums? They need a massive overhaul as they are deader then dead.

  2. I missed your link earlier in the week TSB, I’ll click that up for some later night reading, er, later! Mintaaa.

    • Cool Ron, hope you enjoy it and thanks to Stefan for reposting the link above!

  3. Cool, I made it into the achievement section with falling asleep over a game… who knows, had I streamed it, I might be rich by now, with all those YouTube followers… ;o)

  4. No Man’s Sky has to be given an award surely…
    The biggest and quickest price drop in history.It can be picked up for £20.00 new and £ 15.00 preowned..
    I’m guessing that Battlefield and Titanfall will follow suit.that’s why i must resist day one purchases or i will get my fingers burned again.

    • I dodubt BF and TF will – Shooters usually hold on their value due to the multiplayer.

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