Sky VR App Now Available For iOS And Android

Broadcasting corporation Sky has released a VR app for iOS and Android where users can watch a number of shows and events using either the Google Cardboard or Galaxy Gear VR headset. The app will eventually be making its way to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, though there is no confirmation yet on whether it will be available on PSVR. Considering other Sky apps are available on PS4 it isn’t hard to imagine Sky VR appearing for Sony’s headset too.


At the moment users can watch things like an Anthony Joshua fight or a walk down the red carpet at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. The content available will grow over time as Sky VR Studios adds more to the app, which is likely to include more sporting and cinema events.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. It comes with a warning “Don’t use the app and/or Google Cardboard while driving”.

    We really have completely failed as a species.

    • The app determination ultimately is production its technique to the HTC, although present is rejection corroboration up till now on whether it resolve be obtainable. The satisfied someone to do my assignment accessible resolve cultivate more than instance as add supplementary to the app, which is probable to take account of extra generous as well as cinema proceedings.

  2. The future of sports broadcasting probably lies in VR. But I also believe that in the very long term there will be no broadcasters, you will get ‘tickets’ from the sport/club who will all use a unified platform.

  3. Nice! I’m assuming there’s some free content and you don’t need some sort of £300 per month sub to watch 3D video of Mark Hanill’s 2D personality? Speaking of the Force Awakens red carpet walk, the guy who plays Starkiller in Force Unleashed has some good chat somewhere in the middle. I had no idea his face as well as his voice was used in the game! Very likeable chap.

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