GTA Online’s Biker Update Is Live For PC, PS4, And Xbox One

If you’ve been waiting on Rockstar Games to release more content for Grand Theft Auto V then you’ll be happy to know that GTA Online’s latest DLC, Bikers, is now available to download on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

At around  2GB, the update adds a nice variation of bikes, clothing, weapons and tattoos to apply on your character. Other than customisation additions, the DLC will offer a few new missions, competitive and co-op modes and the ability to buy a clubhouse for crews of up to 8 players.


We’ve not seen a Biker related DLC like this since GTA 4’s The Lost and The Damned, but it’s good to know bikers are still a fan favourite. There’s still no word on casino’s or other potential content.

Source: VG247

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