Mass Effect Andromeda’s Release Date Seemingly Revealed By Amazon

Amazon seem to have accidentally let slip the release date of the forthcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, with a new listing for an art book stating it will release “simultaneously with the game”.

Whilst the game itself doesn’t currently have a release date specified, the Dark Horse art book in question most certainly does – March 21, 2017.

The description of the same item on Amazon UK isn’t as telling, but is listed for March 23, 2017, which looks favourable, since it’s not unusual for European game releases to fall a couple of days behind the US.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has previously stated that the game would be released during the publisher’s fourth fiscal quarter – that’s January to March 2017.

An official release date reveal is expected on “N7 Day”, November 7th.

Source: Destructoid



  1. It’s getting closer..

  2. Yessss. This, South Park and Ghost Recon will do nicely for the first half of 2017. Finally games are coming out that I’m actually interested in!! ??

    • Really jam packed. I would add: Horizon, Halo Wars 2 and Detroit worth a mention?

  3. Hopefully, I’ll be in a positon to tackle the space issue I have by getting a PS4 and thus going into Mass Effect Andromeda blind. Literally avoiding as much as i can so that what i experience is not influenced by trailers, spoilers etc..

    DA:I built up too much hype for me and only delivered on half of it.

    Hopefully, it’ll be an amazing game that can stand by itself without it constantly being compared to ME3 or X to Y etc..

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