Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets A Trailer For The Beta

The thought occurs that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare should have an asterisk after the name, and then some small text on the back on the box that explains *Infinite Warfare is available for a finite time as we will turn off the multiplayer servers at some point in the future. 

Mis-titling aside, the game is about to have a beta with PlayStation 4 gamers who have pre-ordered getting in on the action early. They can game on 14th Oct at 6PM BST to 17th Oct at 6PM BST, whilst Xbox One owners can join in the following weekend, 21st Oct at 6PM BST to 24th Oct at 6PM BST. PC owners don’t get a beta as they have been very naughty.

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  1. BF1 beta open to all
    Titanfall beta open to all
    COD beta pre-orders only

    Thanks but no thanks.

    • Did you play the BF1 or Titanfall 2 betas? They might have been better restricting those to people they’d already got the money from, instead of risking putting people off with something nice looking but not very exciting. Or just generally a bit shit in the case of Titanfall.

      • You can still cancel a pre-order after using the beta code so dont see what the difference is. I would just rather not jump through hoops to get access to a beta.
        But lets face it, at this stage with the game due out in weeks lets call it what is – a demo. But they cant really say demo only for pre-orders can they, so they call it a beta and everyone accepts it.

    • I don’t really know many if any demo’s that give you access to multiplayer but yes it is a bit late in proceedings,I’ll be giving it a dabble as I’ve purchased it was considering not doing so but I’ve bought every CoD so far,I’m loving Modern Warfare Remaster which is more like a remake,as for Battlefield and Titanfall I’ll be getting those also as I enjoyed the beta’s myself sooo many shooters :D

  2. It it a trailer for the beta or a beta version of the trailer? Will valuable feedback from the trailer lead to an improved trailer coming along later?

    Next year: Pre-order the game to get exclusive access to an early alpha version of the trailer. A month early on PS4.

  3. Meh, like a lot of people I just can’t get excited about COD this year. Hoping they release COD4 Remastered as a standalone download some time next year.

    • Oh i think it might release separate trouble is when 6 month+ down the line earlier later who knows how long they’ll hold out,if it does though you should enjoy it I’m about halfway through campaign and it’s a fantastic upgrade.

      • Saw some footage online earlier. Looks absolutely terrific :)

  4. Pre-order to get into a beta? Really? Are we really going to start using betas, which are usually stress testing servers and minor things that seem to require a large userbase to test by playing it, as incentives to pre-order? Also, this is out next month. What the hell, Activision? A beta a month before it’s out? Even if the game is complete and just needs the servers to be tested, you don’t release it so close to launch.

    This is just…… stupid.

    It’s stupid. Dumb and stupid. Using COD’s main rival as an example, BF1’s Beta was at least a few months ago or alpha or whatever, the main point is, that it was out waaay before the game was done. COD? Comes off as a glorified demo for those who can afford to splurge out on the super dupex alpha delta omega baxter basil mint orange prawn tesco asda batman superman extreme edition.

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