PlayStation Store Will Not Be Supported By Media Go From October 24th

Sony has confirmed that from October 24th people who use the Media Go app will no longer be able to access the PlayStation store from it. This will affect those who still use their PSPs to play games and watch videos. From October 17th those who own the E1000 model of the PSP, which doesn’t have Wi-Fi, will no longer be able to download and install purchase through Media Go, so Sony is advising that any content people want to download should do so by then.

This same situation does apply to other PSP models but since they have Wi-Fi, content will still be downloadable. Deactivation or activation of PSPs will not be achievable through the app from October 17th either, though can be done through account management. You will not be able to deactivate Media Go through PC for PlayStation Video playback though, and will have to contact Sony by email to get that done.


If PlayStation Video does remain active through Media Go on your PC you won’t be able to download titles you own but can stream them. That is applicable as long as you download and play them before the cutoff date, as from here you can stream titles.


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  1. sony just loves cutting people off from content they paid for.

    there was the comics, there was playstation mobile, and now this.
    i’m getting reluctant to ever buy anything off the psn store, i know at some point sony are going screw me over again.
    well, maybe if it’s super cheap, but full retail price?
    never, not if there’s a retail version.
    in fact, i’d pay more for a disc, though i’d probably never have to, the physical version will almost always be cheaper than the price on the psn store.

    this is why i think physical media will never die.
    some scummy company can’t take away access to it if you have a physical copy.

    • They will have only shut it off if no one is using it. It’s not like it costs Sony much, the app hasnt been updated in years, this is simply shutting down services no one uses.

      • well that’s ok then, so long as nobody was using it, it’s not like anybody was using the playstation mobile titles was it?

        you know that range of titles they were still selling after they knew that not only would they stop selling them soon but that they knew they would be removing the ability to download those titles.

        they sold those those titles knowing full well what they were about to do.
        those are the actions of a fucking scummy company.

        as far as i’m concerned, that’s not much better than theft.
        they’re so fucking paranoid about piracy on their platform they’l strip features people want, yet they have no issue with pulling this kind of scam activity.

    • The only people still using PSPs do so with custom firmware, this won’t be an issue for them.
      And for anybody who finds an old psp in a draw, it takes about 5 seconds to load up a psp with cfw and all the games/emulators you could want.

    • To be fair, it is at least 6-7 years old and that is usually when online stuff gets shut down. It sucks but the demand just fades away and Sony has no real reason to keep it open for just a few users from their point of view. Sony aren’t out to screw people, as far as i’m aware, no-one has lost access to their PS3 digital collection because Sony decided to disable that. Hopefully, they won’t do that at all and keep what’s up on the store available until either they have to take it down due to legal stuff or expiring etc..

      • or of course they keep selling content they know they will be removing access to.

        legal stuff?
        when have they paid any attention to that?

        do they pay attention to laws about digital refunds?
        do they fuck.

        did they care about paying VAT for years despite charging it?
        yeah, i’m sure they did.

        they’ve removed content people paid for before.

        look at the PSM titles, they were selling those knowing full well they would be taking them away.
        not just not selling them any more, but making it so they can never be downloaded after that date, and how far off was that date?
        three fucking months.

        i’ve seen just how shitty they can be if they want to.

        if you’d been screwed out of content you paid for by those arseholes, and i had a lot of fucking content, maybe you’d be a little less forgiving of this kind of anti consumer bullshit.

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